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FilmoraPro review

Read review about new professional video editor from Wondershare

FilmoraPro is a new video editor from well know software company Wondershare. This new video editor is a professional version of Filmora9 product which we also reviewed recently (Filmora9 review). While Filmora9 with its simplicity aims users like YouTube and Instagram content creators who need simple to use but still powerful video editor, FilmoraPro aims users who are looking for more features, better productivity and wants to create professional videos. Check this review to find is FilmoraPro a video editor for you.



FilmoraPro is available for Windows (Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit) and Mac OS (macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, OS X 10.12 Sierra, OS X 10.11 El Capitan).

Installation file for Windows version is about 246 MB. Installation process is simple and quick – it lasts about 2 minutes and it doesn’t offer you much options to choose. What we noticed is that FilmoraPro startup process checks are your graphic drivers up to date which is a nice feature. It would be even greater if it would offer direct driver download link instead redirecting to graphic card manufacturer web page only.


FilmoraPro has similar interface as Filmora9 but with little more complexity and options for professional users. It has three main screens:

-   Home – enables you to create new project or open existing one
-   Edit – screen where video editing process takes place
-   Export – enables you to export your video creation to desired format

Most of action will happen on Edit screen. Its modern dark grey user interface has 6 main parts like time line and preview windows. Width and height of each part can be adjusted or you can even close it if you don’t use it often. What we like is that FilmoraPro offers 6 predefined user interface layouts (workspaces) adjusted to media type or task you are working on at specific moment. Predefined workspaces are:

Audio - quick access the Audio Mixer and other audio related tools
Color - helps with color correction process
Editing - a quick way to review video clips and edit them on timeline
Effects – quickly add and adjust effects
Media – makes manage of large quantities of video files easier
Text – focus on titles and text customization and adjustment of text properties

You can even create your own workspaces and save it for future quick access. This can really boost your efficiency and save you time when switching between different tasks.


Tons of great features

FilmoraPro aims more skilled users who need feature rich application. Because of that it offers some time saving and efficiency-oriented features. We will here mention just some of them.


FilmoraPro offers shortcuts customization which is something every advanced user wants to speed up its work.


Auto save

Another great option is “Auto save”. Although during our FilmoraPro testing period we didn’t have any similar problem this can be life-saving feature if program crashes or if for some reason program shuts down before you have a chance to save your project.


Visual effects

One interesting thing in Fimora9 is option to buy additional effects from Filmora Effects Store. FilmoraPro doesn’t support Filmora Effects Store as it has its own selection of effects with extensive customization options.

We have found on Wondershare website nice collection of free Adobe Premiere titles templates.

360° Video

FilmoraPro offers support for 360° video which can be captured by some popular camera devices like GoPro. It has two tools: 360° Fisheye Converter and 360° Video Transform. I don’t have any 360° supported device so I don’t really know what these tools can do.

Color Correction

FilmoraPro enables you to transform your clips with many great color tuning tools like color wheels, scopes, and controls for highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.

Video Clean-up

Great video quality is very important. Not only that FilmoraPro supports 4K video but with Video Clean-Up tool you can enhance your video quality and fix common issues.


Creating your project

As previously mentioned, main action happens in Edit screen. With dynamic timeline you can edit more efficiently with unlimited tracks, advanced editing modes, grouped timeline clips, range markers, split edits, and more.

You can import need media files (video, audio of image files) by clicking on the Import button in the Media Panel or by using drag and drop technique directly from the folder to the Media Panel. After media is added you can use it multiple times in a project and apply many effects to it without effecting original files.


Video export

The project you are working on can only be viewed in FilmoraPro until you export it as video, audio or image file in specific format. To do that you must have Wondershare account (it is free to create even during trial period).

At beginning it was little confusing how to start the export process. Instead of clicking on Export option in main menu you must choose “Export” option above the timeline which we didn’t noticed at first. You will have two options:

-   In-out area – exports only part of project between two points you choose
-   Contents – exports your whole timeline

Export section offers you set of predefined “Presets” which represent targeted combination of resolution, compression settings, and video format that you want to use in export process. Some of them are optimized for common purposes like YouTube HD video, Vimeo HD video, Facebook video etc.

If none of predefined „Presets“ don't fit your needs you can create your own and save it for later user.

Export screen offers also queue panel where you can manage all your export jobs. As some export jobs can take some time you can use queue panel to set order of export jobs and to pause export job if needed.



FilmoraPro offers 3 plans:

-   Free
It has all features but doesn’t include technical support and output video has watermark
-   1 Year license for $89.99 (regular price $119.99)
-   Lifetime license for $149.99 (regular price $199.99)



Finding right video editing software is often a difficult job. If you are just occasional user who wants to quickly create a new video for your YouTube channel than Filmora9 will probably be better choice for you. If you are more skilled user who wants to bring its video to professional level than FilmoraPro will be right choice for you not only compared to Filmora9 but also in comparison with other professional video editors on the market. Try it yourself and you won’t be disappointed.


Technical details:

Supported Input Formats

Video Formats
AVCHD (M2T, MTS, M2TS), AVI (including 10-bit and 12-bit GoPro Cineform) (Windows only), DV & HDV, MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 (TS, PS, MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V) , MXF (DVCPro HD), MOV (including 10-bit and 12-bit Pro-Res and Cineform), WMV

Audio Formats

Image Formats
BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, OpenEXR (including 32-bit)

Supported Output Formats
AVI(Cineform, Uncompressed, PAL DV, NTSC DV) (Windows only)
Quicktime(Cineform) (Windows only)
Quicktime(ProRes, AVC, Photo-JPEG) (Mac only)
MP4(AVC/H264 & AAC)
Image sequence(PNG, JPG, BMP)

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