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Filmora9 review

A video editor for all creators

If you are one of the YouTube or Instagram content creators or just occasionally need video editing tools for personal use then you know how hard is to find right video editing tool. Video editing tools are becoming feature rich what is a good thing, but down side is that they are becoming very hard to learn and use. This isn’t a problem for professional users but for majority of semi-professional or occasional users it is very time consuming to learn how to use such tools and to have end results look and sound fantastic. We are going to review Filmora9 from well known software company Wondershare. Learn why is Filmora9 product that will love not only all Vimeo and YouTube content creators and home users but also professional users.


Filmora9 is available for Windows and Mac OS.
Installation file is very small – about 1MB. Installation process is simple and quick – it lasts about 1 minute and you only have two options to choose – language and installation path. Supported languages are English, Deutsch, France, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic.



Filmora9 has intuitive user interface similar to some old well known video editors like Windows Movie Maker. This will speed up learning curve for users with video editing experience, but new users also won’t have much problem with getting along. 
Filmora9 modern dark grey (it is hard to say what color is it exactly) user interface has few main parts. Same as in many similar programs bottom half of interface is consisted of timeline where you will manage video and audio clips, images, effects, layers and other objects. Of course timeline has drag and drop support which will make video editing operations easy to do. 
Top half of interface is split into two parts. Left part is intended for operations like browsing effects, clips, images, choosing desired transitions and importing media files. Right part is intended for video preview.

Let’s create our first video 

Filmora9 has lots of features so we can’t cover all of them in this review. We are going to start with new blank project and describe just few of them which we think that can be important to most of users. As we told previously Wondershare Filmora9 should be easy to use to experienced and unexperienced users. To make things even easier Filmora9 provides lots of video tutorials on its YouTube channel what can help you and shorten your learning curve.
When you start Filmora9 you will have 2 options. Create new project or open existing one. Let’s start by choosing new project which will open main screen. First thing you should check are project settings where you can set Resolution and Frame rate. Some of supported resolutions are: 640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 (Full HD), 3840x2160 (4K UHD), 4096x2160 (DCI 4K). This means that not only you can create Full HD videos – you can create 4K video content.

Filmora9 comes with basic set of objects which can help you with your start: 
-  video clips - 9
-  audio tracks – 51
-  text effects – 137
-  transition effects – 178
-  filters – 158
-  overlays – 87
-  elements – 191

You can also buy aditional objects from Filmora9 store.

Of course, the most important will be your own video and audio files. Filmora9 gives you plenty of ways to import media files – from standard import from hard drive to import from social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Flickr which is a great future for all those who produce lots of video content for social networks.

For test I have tried to import some of my pictures from my Facebook profile. First step is to give Filmora9 permission to access media files on your Facebook profile (This you need to do just first time). After permissions are given, I saw all 289 pictures from my Facebook profile sorted by album name. You can choose all pictures to import or just desired ones. Import or better say download process was quick and in just few moments pictures where listed in local Filmora9 library. One thing I find as a good future improvement is to have quick album selection filter.

What I found as a huge plus for Filmora9 is support for webcam, desktop and voice recording what is a major productivity booster. These 3 tools will eliminate need for other external tools when creating your YouTube video or some presentation. You have all basic tools in Filmora9.

As we previously told, Filmora9 is offering a large set of free objects like text effects, transition effects, filters etc. They are arranged in object type categories with sub categories so you can easily find desired object. Also there is a text search option which is useful after you get familiar with object names. After you have found desired object or media file you can use drag and drop technique to place object on timeline in bottom part of screen. 

Using timeline is very easy. You have few lines where you place video and audio objects. You can also place desired transitions or other effects. To change some object properties, you can double click on it and adjust desired option. For example, I have added Fade in and Fade out effect to music clip.

When you are done creating your video project in Filmora9, you have multiple options. Of course, you can save it on your local disk in one of 13 popular formats. You can also choose device like iPhone, Android phone, PlayStation 4 or XBox One where Filmora9 will chose best format for targeted device. The option I find most useful is direct upload to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is a great time saver for YouTube and Vimeo content makers. If you are uploading huge video Filmora9 can automatically shutdown computer after upload is done.

So here is my demo video created in about 5 minutes with my first Filmora9 use from picture upload from my Facebook profile to upload to my YouTube channel. 

Please note that Free version of Filmora9 adds watermark on your video. To remove watermark you will need buy professional version. One year license costs $39.99. For $59.99 you can buy lifetime license. There is also a $99.87 version which gives you additional 1000+ effects. Students can get “Students plan” which will give them a discount.

If you are meme lover Wondershare Filmora9 also provides online meme maker.



Filmora9 is a great tool because one major reason – it has made video editing simplified. It provides great balance between future reach tool and easy to use user interface.  Because of its importing, recording and exporting features it is all in one tool for semi-professional YouTube and Vimeo content creators.