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5 Most AMAZING Ways to Fax from Computer, PC & Mac Online ever in 2020

5 Most AMAZING Ways to Fax from Computer, PC & Mac Online ever in 2020

Although fax machines are still in use in some offices, there has been a move to embrace online faxing. Online fax services let you send faxes online via a computer to a fax machine that prints it out.

Fax technology provides a secure way of sending communications directly compared to the use of emails. Today, fax technology is alive and well but in a way that suits the 21 century. It allows you to use the internet to send faxes.

Here, we look at 5 amazing online fax services in terms of what they offer.


#1 CocoFax - The most trusted online fax service

CocoFax is a big brand with over a million users across the world. As a leader in the online fax industry, CocoFax supports Google fax service according to Google Fax Free. Google fax free is a reliable blog on the best faxing apps.

By visiting this blog, you get to know how online fax services operate and all the requirements. It will even take you through the process step by step.

CocoFax is an online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes online. With CocoFax, you no longer need to wait to use a traditional fax machine for faxing. The app turns your computer into a premium fax machine.

A look at a Google Fax Free answers ‘how can I fax from my computer’ queries using CocoFax. CocoFax online faxing service has been featured on popular media outlets like Forbes and CNET.

Benefits of using CocoFax


1. Reputable brand

CocoFax is among a handful of reliable online fax services. Millions of professionals across the world trust and use CocoFax for their faxing needs. Also, it has gained the attention of large media houses for its faxing service.

2. Secure

CocoFax uses the latest security protocols to safeguard faxes online during transmission. It encrypts all your fax communications to avoid unauthorized individuals accessing it online.

3. Fast and reliable

Online faxing is instant thanks to the internet. CocoFax sends you notifications to let you know if the sent fax was successful or not. Besides, you get notifications for incoming faxes to ensure you know when you have a fax.

4. Lifetime storage

CocoFax gives its users unlimited storage of all their faxes. So, if you continue to use CocoFax, you will always have access to your faxes online. This provides a convenient and neat way of archiving your faxes.

5. Free fax number

With CocoFax, you get to choose a custom fax number free of charge. Also, this online fax service gives you 30 days of free trial after sign up. The fax number allows you to send and receive faxes during the first 30 days.

6. Versatile

CocoFax allows you to fax not only from your computer but also from other internet-enabled devices. For instance, CocoFax lets users fax online via a browser or an app. Also, it allows you to fax from your email address.


#2 RingCentral Fax

Another remarkable online fax service is RingCentral Fax. The service allows you to fax from the comfort of your computer via a web browser. Also, you can fax from your smart device through an app.

RingCentral integrates Google, Microsoft, and Amazon on its platform. This makes RingCentral a versatile solution for businesses. The online faxing service from this app provides comprehensive features.

However, you will have to subscribe to the expensive plans to get the most out of this online fax service.


#3 Fax.plus

This is another decent online fax service that provides cross-platform flexibility. The free tier of this online fax service allows users up to 10 pages per month. That only caters for sending and not receiving.

Fax.plus offers a sleek interface when using your computer or smartphone. All the faxes are sent online but it doesn’t provide a way of confirming if the fax was delivered.


#4 MyFax

MyFax is a remarkable online fax service that serves both individuals and businesses. With Myfax, you can fax from your computer or smartphone via email or smartphone app.

It allows users to have international, local or toll-free fax numbers. With MyFax, it limits you to send faxes up to 5 different email addresses. So, it may not be a great option if you want to set up a business account.


#5 eFax

eFax is designed for use on both smartphones and computers. It allows you to fax from an app, email, or web browser. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use.

eFax has an electronic signature feature that lets you sign documents digitally. However, this online fax service is not the cheapest starting at $16.95 per month.



Online faxing services provide the most convenient way of sending and receiving faxes. These services let you fax from your computer using your preferred browser. Among all the faxing services, we recommend CocoFax.