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One-click solution to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone X/8/7s

Learn probably one of the easiest method how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone mobile phone

Smartphone market is growing every year with bunch on new great smartphones releasing every month. Although there is lots of possibilities for end users to choose from, major part of market is taken by Samsung and Apple. Apple's iPhone sales are consistently increasing over the last few years, rising from almost 170 million units in 2014 to almost 216 million iPhones sold in 2017. Many of iPhone buyers are switching from Android phones to iOS. In this article we will show you how to transfer data from Android to iPhone with special focus on how to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone with dr.fone from Wondershare. Don’t worry, if you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android phone you can also use dr.fone.



dr.fone installation file is very small – little under 1MB. Installation process is simple and quick – it lasts about 1 minute and you will have only two options to choose – language and installation path. Supported languages are English, Deutsch, France, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese.



dr.fone main screen has clear and modern design with mostly light gray and white colors. It is very similar to other Wondershare products. It is consisted from 8 large icons which with clear text that leads users to specific action. Icons are:

  • Recover – recover data from your phone
  • Transfer – transfer data between your phone and computer
  • Repair – repair your iOS system
  • Erase – permanently erase dana from your phone
  • Switch – copy data from one phone to another
  • Backup&Restore – backup and restore your phone including contact, photo etc.
  • Unlock – remove your phone’s lock screen
  • Restore Social App – backup and restore your WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Vider, Wechat

When you click on each of the icons for the first time you will be downloading additional app. This explains why main installation file is so small. Don’t worry – download and installation process is fast and needs to be done only first time you use specific feature so you will be using desired feature quickly.


dr.fone - Switch

dr.fone – Switch is specially design app which helps you with process of transferring data between phones. dr.fone – Switch app supports:

  • Android to Iphone data transfer
  • iPhone to Android data transfer
  • Android to Android data transfer
  • iPhone to iPhone data transfer

Depending on source and destination device OS you will be able to transfer this type of data:

  • contacts
  • messages
  • calendar
  • photos
  • music
  • video
  • call logs
  • apps

On picture bellow you can see supported data transfer types:

dr.fone - Switch supports all modern Android mobile devices (both phones and tablets) and iPhone X/8/7S/7/6S/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS. It is also compatible with the latest iOS 12 (Beta) and Android 8.0 OS.

dr.fone – Switch is available for Windows and Mac OS computers and can be downloaded here.

Product price is 39.95 USD for 1 PC and 1-5 mobile devices.


Data transfer test

For testing purposes we have used Samsung S9 Plus with Android 8.0 as Android source device and iPhone X with iOS 11 as iPhone destination device.

First step after you have launched dr.fone – Switch app is to connect both devices to PC with the help of USB cables (both phones comes with data USB cable which is used as part of standard charger set).

When you first connect your Android phone to PC while dr.fone – Switch is turned on it will automatically install MobileGo app on your Android phone. This app is needed for data transfer but it comes with lots of additional features (Space clean tool, RAM clean tool, backup to PC option etc.) so it may be useful even after you transfer desired data. On iPhone there wasn’t any new apps installed (although there was message that new driver was installed in background). Also, iPhone has asked few times for additional permissions needed to connect iPhone with PC (this was first time this iPhone was connected with PC used in this test so this may be different for you. In any case check both Android and iPhone devices to see if they require additional permissions).

After both phones are successfully connected check that source and destination devices are correctly positioned. If you need to switch source and destination devices you can click on “Flip” button on top middle part of screen.

Before you start with transfer you will need to check what data you want to transfer. App will automatically choose all data types you can transfer from one to another phone but you can change it to target only desired type of data – for example photos, music or text messages. It will also show you information how many of specific data type items are there to transfer. If there is no data to transfer for specific type of data app will show orange icon and automatically uncheck the box next to that data type.

In our test we will transfer text messages from android to iPhone alongside with music. To start with data transfer process hit the “Start Transfer” button. For 4700+ text messages and 108 songs data transfer lasted about 2 minutes which was really fast.


dr.fone – Switch alternatives

Transferring text messages from Android to iPhone or any other type of data using dr.fone - Switch is the easiest and the fastest way. Main lack of using dr.fone – Switch app is that it requires a Windows or Mac OS computer and that you need physically connect the devices via USB cables to PC.

Move to iOS app is official Apple app which enables you to easily transfer data from Android to iPhone. It is available for free at Google Play Store and is size of approximately 2.2 MB. With Move to iOS, you will be able to set up the iOS device easily without needing to connect it with USB cable. The disadvantage of using Move to iOS app is that with this method you can’t transfer messages from Android to iPhone on an already setup iPhone. It only works on a new device or has to erase the data on the target device. Moreover, as it only works with iOS 9/10/11, the older devices can’t transfer messages through this method. They can use dr.fone - Switch for the task.



dr.fone – Switch is really great app for fast data transfer between Android and iPhone devices (in any combination). Although it requires a computer and physically connected devices via USB cable it can be used no metter if there is some data on source device which is great advantage compared to Move to iOS app.