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How To Watch TV On Your Smart Phone With Melita's Nextv App

Learn how to watch TV on your smart phone

Gone are the days when people had to rely on the silver screen to watch their favorite shows or movies. Now, you can stream and/or download your favorite shows straight from your tablet or smartphone.

This type of entertainment mobility is made possible by apps like Melita NexTV.  The great thing about Melita is that it allows you to watch content from several devices at once and it can handle up to four devices at a time.

All you need is access to a good quality internet connection and you can watch Melita NexTV at any time. If you like, you can even put a show on pause when you’re out of WiFi range, and then pick up where you left off when you get home. Or you can go all out and use Melita mobile internet which keeps you connected on the go, 24/7.


Features and Settings

Melita NexTV comes with such settings as catch-up, recommendations and show recording capabilities. We also like the rent-a-film feature as well as the split screen mode which allows you to watch two different shows on the same screen- at the same time! Here’s a closer look at some features:


This feature allows you to discover the latest entertainment from Melita NexTV. It’s great for those times when you’ve watched all your favorite shows and movies and don’t know what to view next.

Simply go to the remote interface, click OK, followed by “Recommend” and get suggestions based on your past viewing preferences or what’s popular at the time.


Melita NexTV offers numerous programs to choose from and it allows you to view past programs from as far back as the last seven days. Simply click on the section that says “catch-up”, choose the show you’d like to watch and enjoy.

Through this feature, you may also skip to the best scenes from your favorite shows or pick up where you left off.

Quick Search

The Quick Search feature is super convenient as it allows you to find your favorite shows using keywords such as the name of the actor or director. This feature can really come in handy for those times when you’ve forgotten the name of the show but can remember the actors or characters within it.

When you’ve found what you’re looking for, select “Done” and click on the program you want to watch.

Split screen

Want to catch the news while watching the Wimbledon Cup? Thanks to Melita’s “split screen” feature, you don’t have to choose. Simply click on the down arrow, select the channel you want to split to, click on the particular show or program you want, and choose Split Screen.

What about the audio? That’s what the back button is for. Clicking on it will help you switch audio from one channel to the next.


How to download the Melita NexTV App

The best part is that you can download the Melita NexTV app for free when you login to the MyMelita website with your credentials. The app is compatible with iOS devices and it’s available from the App store. Android users can download it from the PlayStore by following a link from the website as well.

Just like any other application, the Melita NexTV icon will appear instantly after you download the app.

Keep in mind that Melita mobile internet is 5G ready, which means it offers super-fast download speeds and you’ll find that streaming content on the NexTV app is particularly smooth.

To connect to Melita WiFi, go to your phone’s WiFi settings and connect to Melita. The system should automatically redirect you to the Melita WiFi main page. Click on Melita Customer, followed by the Login tab and enter your credentials. Hit “Connect Now” and you’re good to go! Now you can enjoy the best that Melita has to offer no matter where you are.


Who is eligible?

Anyone who owns a NexTV set top box is eligible for a free download of the Melita NexTV app. It also helps to have a Melita flexi bundle subscription.