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Apple drops iCloud prices

This week, for the 2nd year in a row, Apple announced price reductions of its iCould data storage service making it more atractive to users who use simillar service from Apple competitors such as Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.

The more affordable pricing for iCloud data storage service will be welcomed by consumers who use the service to store their pictures as well as videos. While Apple offers consumers free 5GB of iCloud storage this is not enough for large number of users.

Old prices were:
20 GB: $0.99 per month
200 GB: $3.99 per month
500 GB: $9.99 per month
1 TB: $19.99 per month

New prices are:
50 GB: $0.99 per month
200 GB: $2.99 per month
1 TB: $9.99 per month

The new iCloud pricing is available now for users from iOS device, a Mac or a Windows PC.

Apple's iCloud is still one of the most expensive cloud storage providers available but in case you are still interested in learning more about it you can visit official iCloud service web page.