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SpyMyFone review

Worried about your child activities on mobile phone? Learn how to track you child activities.

Modern technology has made every parent’s life easier but also more complicated. Before mobile phones parents were worried about their children whereabouts and if they were even one minute late home from school. With mobile phones parents can communicate with their children and find out their location at any moment. But mobile phones have brought completely new list of problems which previous generations of parents didn’t had. With Internet children are now exposed to new set of risks. Do you know with whom your children communicates on WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber? Do you know what pictures are they sending to others? Do you know what web sites are they visiting? It is no wonder that more and more parents are worried about their child phone activities and looking for parental control and monitoring solutions.  Read how SpyMyFone can help you eliminate most of your parental concerns.


SpyMyFone functionalities

SpyMyFone enables you to track all basic Android and iOS OS functionalities like:

  • Phone calls (incoming and outgoing calls with phone number, date, time and call duration)
  • Text messages (see all send and received SMS and iMessage text messages)
  • Contacts (see all saved contacts)
  • WiFi activity (see list of all connected WiFi networks and hotspots)
  • Browser history (see list of visited web sites)
  • Emails (see list of received and sent emails)
  • Multimedia Files (access all stored video, audio files and photos)
  • SIM card events (find out if your child is using multiple SIM cards on phone)
  • App monitoring (see list of installed apps)

As you know most of kid’s communication is done through some popular chat or social network apps from the OS specific market and not through basic phone OS functionalities. Therefore, SpyMyFone also offers support for most popular apps. We will mention just some of them:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Wechat
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Instagram DM
  • Tinder…

Although functionalities can vary from app to app SpyMyFone enables you to track all incoming and outgoing text chat activities, exchanged pictures and videos etc.

Another great feature for parents is location tracking. How many times have you asked yourself “Where is my child? Why isn’t he/she home yet?!”. Well, with SpyMyFone you can eliminate one of the biggest parents’ concerns. It will show you accurate live location of your child. You can also set safe and forbidden zones and monitor when they visit some of them.

If you are not hiding to your child/children that you use SpyMyFone on their phone you can use some functionalities like schedule restriction. With Schedule restriction you can set time schedules when phone will get automatically locked. If you want to restrict the time your child spends on phone then this will be great feature for you. Another great parental control feature is app blocking. With it you can choose which apps or games your child can use and which you want to block.

If functionalities above aren’t enough for you then keylogger functionality will be. With it SpyMyFone will record every keystroke typed on phone along with live screenshots (only on Android phones).


SpyMyFone plans

Currently SpyMyFone offers two plans for Android devices and one for iOS. On the picture bellow you can compare Premium edition which includes only core phone OS functionalities with Ultimate plan which is feature rich.

Premium edition prices:

  • 1 month - $29.99
  • 3 month - $39.99
  • 1 year - $89.99

Ultimate edition prices:

  • 1 month - $39.99
  • 3 month - $49.99
  • 1 year - $99.99

SpyMyFone for iOS offers only one plan billed $39.99 per month with following features:


SpyMyFone setup

In this tutorial we will show you how to setup SpyMyFone on Android phone. Setup is easy to do and has only 4 steps. SpyMyFone web account is needed to start.


Step 1 – Provide necessary information

In first step you will need to provide information about your child and select phone OS (Android or iOS).


Step 2 - Install SpyMyFone Monitoring App on the Target Phone

To track activities on targeted phone you will need to install the app on it. To do that you will need to make few adjustments in settings. Don’t worry, on SpyMyFone web page there are instructions with picture for every step.


Step 3 - Activate the Monitoring Service on the Target Phone

After SpyMyFone is installed on mobile phone you need to activate it with your account. To complete setup process you will need to give some permissions to app and choose which things you want to track. Last step is option to hide app icon which is great if you don’t want your child to know that you use the app.


Step 4 – Monitor phone activities

After monitoring has been activated on targeted phone there is some delay before data is synchronized with SpyMyFone web interface. Although it says that data will be visible in 5-10 minutes we needed to wait slightly more before data was shown.


SpyMyFone parental dashboard

SpyMyFone offers excellent parental dashboard where you can monitor targeted phone activities at any moment through web browser. On left part of dashboard, you can find menu which contains list of features and things that SpyMyFone is tracking. This way you have systematic list of features and apps so you can check them one by one.


Dashboard shows complete SMS and apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook…) message history. You can see list of conversations with all incoming and outgoing messages and dates.


Locations feature shows you not only current position of your child’s phone but also complete movement history. Location is updated in average every 30 minutes and there is option to quickly show location on Google Maps. You can combine this service with Geofences option which enables you to mark places on Google Maps and get instant email alert if you child enters or leaves marked area.


Browser history feature shows you list of visited URLs with option to quickly open that URL.


Photos and videos feature will show you mobile phone photo and video gallery.


One interesting feature we have found in dashboard and wasn’t previously mentioned is “Clue”. On this screen you can see recently deleted messages, calls, photos and videos. This can be handy and quick way to check if your child is trying to hide something from you by deleting it from his/her’s phone.


Removing the app

It is important to mention that SpyMyfone collects data from child’s phone and sends it to SpyMyFone web app. If you at any moment want to stop collecting new data or completely remove collected data you can do so by visiting Settings and choosing “Unbid the device”.

To completely remove the app from child’s phone follow this steps: Settings -> Biometrics and security -> Other security settings -> Device admin apps. There you will find app called “WiFi Service”. Don’t be confused by the name – that is SpyMyFone app service which uses fake name so you child doesn’t find it. Click on it, disable and uninstall it.  



SpyMyFone is excellent parental tool for monitoring your child phone activities and location. One negative thing we found is that it has limited functionalities on iOS but Android version has all functionalities you can imagine. I would definitely recommend SpyMyFone to every parent.