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Outfit Perfection: 5 Incredible Apps For Planning Your Outfits

Keep Your Look On Fleek & Your Wardrobe Game On Point With These 5 Great Outfit Planning Apps. Read More To See How You Can Up Your Outfit Game Today!

I was instantly hooked when I found out I could have a virtual wardrobe on my phone, those evenings spent rummaging through wardrobes and drawers to find an outfit are a thing of the past! I have tried a few different ones to see what they are all about, so I put together a list of 5 of the apps I tried out.

1. Smart Closet

This app is great for people who like things straight forward and simple. The easy to use layout means it has never been easier to organise your wardrobe! You can also do men’s on here so the other half can look just as good as you do!

Pros: It’s free! You can upload your own pictures. The largest database of outfits I have seen

Cons: Shopping features heavily within this app, so if you are easily influenced or have a weakness for spending money then there may be better alternatives!


Glamoutfit combines social media with an outfit planner meaning you can upload your garments then share your outfits, or if you are feeling daring you can let your friends chose outfits for you! Like having a personal stylist at your fingertips.

Pros: Free! Nice design and I really liked the social aspect.

Cons: Can be daunting uploading outfits for other users to see at first. Took me a little while to get the hang of using it.



The idea of this app is that you wear more and spend less by having the ability to style the garments you own into a number of variations, helping both your finances and the environment. An absolutely brilliant feature of this app is that it takes the weather into consideration, meaning as long as you use the app you will always be dressed for the weather!

Pros: Very easy to use. Doesn’t require lots on manual data input. The outfit suggestions are great!

Cons: Not overly data heavy but does have handy stats like most worn items, which in my case is my personalised hoodie from Banana Moon Clothing



This app was definitely made for fashion lovers, everywhere you look there is outfit inspiration, and you can save your own outfits and share them on Instagram!

Pros: Great for users who are wanting to create looks and a brilliant way to try out different looks without having to spend any money.

Cons: More outfit inspiration than an app to organize your wardrobe. Garment options are limited but there is the option to upload your own pictures. No option for men’s clothing.


5. Stylebook

This app is full on style planning, you can plan outfits and mark pieces from that outfit, or individual pieces that you are feeling and save them for a later date. This same feature also shows what you don’t wear meaning you can make a Depop pile to sell on!

Pros: Really easy to use. Packing list for travel is brilliant.

Cons: There is a $3.99 price tag. The user interface feels a little old fashioned.