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Firefox releases new Preview version of Android browser

You can try new Firefox Preview in Mozilla Beta Program

In a new pilot program, Mozilla is opening up its screening gates to users of its new Firefox web browser on Android.

Mozilla announced today that interested users and developers can join its Firefox Preview to get a taste of what the company plans to formally unveil later on this fall.

The Firefox Sneak peek task will operate on Mozilla's own GeckoView web browser engine which got its first public testing during the company's rollout of Firefox Focus, which was an effort to revamp and pare-down the browsing experience on Android.

While it had limited success in moving the company's mobile internet browser market share and has actually consequently been shelved by Mozilla, its technology and engineering advancement will live on in the brand-new Firefox Sneak peek.

In an interview with Endeavor Beat, Mozilla continues to sound the drum of Google-independence as it makes a case for its Firefox Sneak peek moving forward.

As it stands, users can utilize the present Firefox web browser for Android as well as the Firefox Sneak peek but come this fall, the Mozilla prepares to change the existing browser with its new Geckoview established one.