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In the sea of Chinese tablets it is hard to find the ones that stands up in the crowd. Today we are going to review CHUWI Vi10 Plus 2-in-1 tablet which comes with Remix OS - a desktop version of Android.


We got CHUWI Vi10 Plus 2-in-1 tablet for reviewing purposes from Gearbest.com – one of the leading online shops. The CHUWI Vi10 Plus comes in the brown cardboard box with CHUWI and “intel inside” brand logo. Inside the box you can find three items:

  • CHUWI Vi10 tablet
  • USB-C type cable for charging
  • power adapter

The tablet feels very sturdy in the hands. Whole back side and all edges of tablet are made of metal. This gives tablet premium feel and a very nice look. Front side has 10.8 inch display with black glass edges. Black frame around screen could be smaller but in this case you can use that space for holding the device perfectly in your hands. What was strange at the first moment was home button with Windows logo. As mentioned before, this tablet runs on Remix OS so I thought that this was a mistake. Later in this review we will cover the reason why is Windows logo visible on this device.

On top side of the tablet you can find power, volume up and volume down buttons. On both left and right sides you can see speakers. Left side also includes:

  • USB Type-C slot
  • Micro USB slot
    (note that tablet doesn’t have standard USB port)
  • Micro HDMI slot
  • Microphone
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack slot
  • TF card slot which accepts cards up to 128GB

Bottom side has magnetic docking interface for attachable keyboard case.

All this features are contained in 27.64 x 18.48 x 0.88 cm (10.88 x 7.28 x 0.35 inches) with weight of 0.686 kg. It isn’t the lightest tablet on the market but all weight is evenly distributed through the device and you won’t have any problem while holding this device.

Basic hardware information

CHUWI Vi10 Plus comes with 64-bit 1.44 GHz, Quad Core Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor burstable up to 1.84 GHz and Intel HD Graphic (generation 8) - both were first used in Microsoft Surface 3 tablets. This processor enables tablets to run both Windows and Android OS. Because this processor is optimized for Windows you can expect better performance when using tablet with Windows OS (if you decide to install Windows OS).

Tablet has 2 GB DDR3L RAM. Normally only 20-25% of memory is taken after you turn on the tablet. What is great with Remix OS is that it has memory cleaner tool in system try so you can free some memory at any point with only two clicks. When using Google Chrome to browse the web I didn’t had any problem with responsiveness of application. Scrolling through “big” pages was fast and without any lag.

Also, 32 GB eMMC ROM is included and you can use 25.3 GB for your files and apps. It uses standard 802.11b/g/n wireless internet and has Bluetooth support. 


CHUWI Vi10 Plus has 10.8 inch IPS Touch Screen display with resolution of 1920 pixels by 1280 pixels and up to 450 units of brightness which is better than found in most tablets. Color representation is very realistic. It’s also an IPS panel which has some 3D performance advantages which might be noticed while gaming.

Viewing angles are great and you shouldn’t have any problem with viewing screen from any position. It has 3 : 2 ratio - same as popular Microsoft Surface 3 or new Microsoft Surface Book. This ratio is a good mix of 16:9 and 4:3 ratios. Book and comic readers will simply love it. Screen is very responsive and I didn’t had any issue with moving through the screens or with multi touch actions.

Picture quality is very good while using standard Remix OS features, browsing the web or watching movies and pictures. But while playing some games or in some apps screen seems a bit blurry. This is because of DPI settings and scale. If you plan to root your device change scale set to 1:1 and screen will look a lot sharper.


CHUWI Vi10 Plus has both front and rear cameras so you can take photos or do a face to face chat with your friends. Both cameras are 2.0MP which means that you won’t get great picture or video quality but considering the tablet price we can’t expect more. This is something we’re used to with cheap Chinese tablets.

Here is photo of my cat Vili taken by front camera inside bedroom during the night with lights turned on:


Speakers are one of the best CHUWI Vi10 features. Unlike many other tablets which have speakers only on one side Vi10 has speakers on both sides of tablet so you can enjoy in stereo sound. Speakers are average quality but they are very loud – up to 96 dBA when measuring close to one of the speakers. When I repeated the test measuring loudness in the middle part of tablet average loudness was 83 dBA (Measurement was done using iPhone app and YouTube playback of Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – This is what you came for).

With such loudness and decent quality CHUWI Vi10 should be an adequate companion for music and film lovers who are traveling quite frequently.


As previously mentioned, CHUWI Vi10 is 2-in-1 tablet which means that it can be used as a tablet or as a laptop if you connect detachable keyboard to it. The tablet version we got from Gearbest.com for a review doesn’t come with keyboard but it is possible to buy it as an add-on. It costs around 25$ and can be bought here. Unfortunately, same as 2-in-1 devices in much higher price range keyboard doesn’t include additional battery.

You can buy CHUWI Vi10 Plus keyboard for only 25.46USD from Gearbest.com.


With 8400mAh battery you can expect about 6 to 7 hours of average use (mix. music, video and browsing). If you plan to use this device for watching movies you can expect about 5 hours of usage. CHUWI Vi10 uses fast charging USB-C type cable so if you lose charging adapter which comes with device you can use any other USB-C cable and adapter. It takes about 2 hours to completely charge your battery.

Operating system

CHUWI Vi10 Plus comes with preinstalled Remix OS. If you are average tech enthusiast you probably never heard of Remix OS. Do not be ashamed – I also never heard of Remix OS before and this is the main reason why I decided to do a review of this tablet.

After some Googling I found out that Remix OS is an Android emulator which enables you to run all Android apps and games but with the classic Windows-style user interface which includes a taskbar, multiple windows and start menu.

Remix OS 2.0 version that comes with CHUWI Vi10 Plus is powered by Android 5.1.1. There is no information on official Remix OS web site when CHUWI Vi10 Plus will get Remix OS 3.0 which is powered by Android Marshmallow (v6).

The good news is that Remix OS has an auto update option. Immediately after I turned on CHUWI Vi10 Plus tablet it offered me to update Remix OS to current version supported by CHUWI Vi10 Plus. Upgrade process was automatic and quick – after 1 or 2 minutes Remix OS was up to date and ready to use.

It is worth to note that CHUWI Vi10 supports dual OS. This is great news for those who don’t like Android tablets and are looking for cheap Windows tablet. After rooting Remix OS just install Windows 10 and enjoy. Because of the dual OS, version of this tablet which comes with Remix OS and Windows 10 share the same hardware so that’s the reason there is Windows logo on bottom of CHUWI Vi10.

Using the Remix OS

Remix OS boot up time on CHUWI Vi10 Plus is around 35 seconds. During this period you can see CHUWI logo (with some Chinese characters - in my opinion it would be better for building a strong brand to avoid such characters) and Remix OS logo. After OS boot up is over you will see beautifully designed blue background with sun ray. Changing the background is a very easy task. Just hold your finger for 3 seconds on the screen and you will see the set of available desktop backgrounds. Of course you can browse your disk and choose any desired picture.

Remix OS comes with set of preinstalled Android apps which includes – Google Play Store app, Google Chrome browser, YouTube app, File manager app, Remix Central app, WPS Office etc. Just like on any Android tablet you can install additional apps and games from Google Play Store.

After some time spent using Remix OS I started liking it’s Windows elements. Minimizing, maximizing and closing windows, multitasking and start menu are standard features I always like to have. Android was missing them for all this years. On the other side, Remix OS doesn’t have some cool Android features like widgets and it has minimized set of GUI functionalities and system settings. If you are not sure if Remix OS is for you, you can always download it, install and test on your PC.


What is a review without some benchmark tests? We have done some test using popular 3DMARK app with “Sling shot” animation. Here are CHUWI Vi10 scores:

  • OpenGL ES 3.1 + 1440p (2560x1440): score 1162
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 + 1080p (1920x1080): score 1162

I have also used popular Android benchmark app Antutu 3DBench which gave the score 63943.

Final thoughts

CHUWI Vi10 is great but still cheap tablet device. With its price it offers same functionalities or maybe even more than some devices in higher price range. Remix OS is easy to use and you can do multitasking which is hard to do on Android tablets. Also, if you want you can install Windows OS on it and use it as extremely cheap Windows tablet.

For me one of the most important factors with portable devices is battery. This tablet offers good battery life and with optional keyboard case it can be used as laptop replacement when you are on the road. On the other sides, tablet doesn’t support standard USD port although it offers new more faster Type-C USB port which can be connected to all USB devices through proper cable adapter. My biggest complaint is poor front and back camera quality.Taking all this into account I would still say that this tablet offers great features and quality for its price. So if you want to have a solid tablet device you can buy it from Gearbest.com for only 144.99 USD.