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Vidonn Smartband X6

In the last period we are witnesses of increasing number of products with focus on monitoring user health and daily activities. Vidonn Smartband X6 is one of them. This smartband combines functionalities of a regular digital watch with possibility to track your fitness activity and sleep habits. This smart bracelet also offers smartphone connection and notification functionalities which you usually find only in advanced smart watches.

Ordering and package unboxing

We got our smart bracelet (smartband) from GearBest, premier online electronics seller which offers variety of electronic gadgets. GearBest has few warehouses – USA, EU, Russia and China. Not all items are available in all of them so delivery time depends mostly on the location of the warehouse you order an item and to which country item needs to be delivered. Our item was shipped from EU warehouse and it arrived 6 days from the day the order was placed.

Item arrived in a white pull-apart nested box with dimensions similar to larger smartphone. The box has simple design – white background with grey smartband model marks. On the background of the box are visible some basic device information such as smartband functions, supported smart phone OS’s and content of package. All information is written on English and Chinese language. One more thing you can see on the box is QC sticker which means that products has passed all standard quality tests. Last thing I need to mention is that box is quite sturdy which will ensure that your item arrives untouched and undamaged. 

Box includes three items:
-    Vidonn Smartband X6
-    USB “magnetic” charging cable
-    User’s manual printed in English and Chinese languages

Smartband has a protective film on the surface, which should be removed before first usage.

First look

Because Vidonn Smartband X6 is only available in black color our smartband was in the only possible color - black. It has very quality and good looking silicone rubber watch band with attractive diagonal striped pattern on the outside and ribs inside which improve the grip of the band. The band can’t be removed and replaced like in Vidonn Smartband X5 model what can be minus for some users but we are sure that band will survive years of wearing untouched. 

Band can also be adjusted to fit any wrist size. It has 11 holes and uses a double metal clasp mechanism which needs to be placed in two holes. After I adjusted band to my wrist size, smartband never rotated and screen was always on the right position even though I did some activities like running and playing basketball. I also didn’t face any problems with band detaching itself.

Wearing it

During my test I wear it for a 7 days without taking it off. I wear it during all my daily activities including walking, washing hands and showering, running, playing basketball and sleeping. I felt that smartband was comfortable and didn't felt any irritation. Because it is very light, only 20 g, you can put it on your hand and forgot about it.

It seems that smartband counts steps with good accuracy. While I was walking normally and counting steps by myself in most cases smartband counted the same number of steps. In test where I didn't focused on normal walking it counted in range from 5% more steps to 15% less steps which is OK score because it is hard to have precise counting when body is doing different moves.


In the middle of band there is 0.88 inch black OLED screen which fits really good to design of the band. Screen and hard plastic box around the screen seems really sturdy so you don’t need to worry about damaging it or leaving starches during your daily routines and sport activities. 
By default screen doesn’t show any information until you gently lay a finger on a key located on right edge of the screen. After that you will see main display with information like date and time, battery capacity and smartphone connection indicator. With further key presses you can see additional screens:

-    Steps counter screen
-    Calories burn screen
-    Walked distance screen (displayed in meters)
-    Alarm screen if alarm is enabled

Vidonn Smartband X6 has additional so called “temporary” or “timed tracking” mode which you can enable by holding the touch key for 3 seconds. On the same way you can go back to regular mode. Although there is no explanation in user’s manual what temporary mode is, I found it useful when I wanted to track some activity. For example, if you plan to take a walk or to run you can enable temporary mode and track your progress – how long are you walking or running, how much steps have you made, how much calories have you burned and what distance have you walked.

What is great about this smartband is that it is good choice for all users - no matter on which hand you wear your watch. The screen can show information like time in vertical and horizontal way. It also has option to rotate screen so you can choose on which hand you want it to wear. Choice needs to be made through connected smartphone app.

You can choose between two digital display fonts and three styles of main screen.

Waterproof and dust protection

Another good side of this smartband is that it has IP65 dust and water resistance rating. Number 6 means that it has total protection against dust contact and number 5 means that it is protected against water splashes, rain and hands washing (smartband was tested with water volume of 12.5 litres per minute for 15 minutes). 

During my test I wore it every day for 7 days under the shower and during hands washing and smartband didn't show any sign of water leak. (Please note that user's manual says that you shouldn't wear it when showering, swimming or diving).

The battery

On bottom side of the screen part of the band you can notice four gold charging contacts and two silver holes with metal which are used for attaching magnetic charging cable (similar to Microsoft Surface charging cable). Charging cable can be attached only from one band side.

Charging cable from one side has standard USB connector which ensures that you can charge your smartband simply by connecting it with any PC, laptop or smart phone charger. On the other side, side which you connect to smartband, is custom connector which means that you won’t be able to charge your smartband with any other cable. So be careful not to lose it because it will be very hard to buy it separately.

Vidonn Smartband X6 smartband comes with Li-ion polymer battery with 45mAH capacity. Our smartband arrived with completely empty battery so I immediately connected it to my laptop and started charging it. During charging process you will see charging icon but without information on how much percent battery is charged. Only when you remove the charger smartband will show you that information. It took about 60 minutes to completely charge it which was surprisingly fast but our suggestion is to leave it charging for few hours first time.

Manufacturer indicates that battery should last up to 15 days due to OLED screen efficient energy consumption. In my test, after 7 days of moderate usage I still had 45% of the battery left. This means that you don’t need to worry about charging it every day like with most premium smartbands and smart watches.

Smartband and your mobile app will alert you when battery capacity is below 10%.

Connecting with smart phone

Vidonn Smartband X6 smartband shows its main features and potential when it is connected to smartphone. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 data synchronization which is supported by most smartphones today. According to the manufacturer, Vidonn X6 supports IOS 7 and higher or Android 4.3 and higher smart phone devices. Depending on your smart phone's OS you will need to download Vidonn app from App Store or Google Play. You can download it by scanning QR code from user's manual or visiting Vidonn official web site.

In my test I have connected Vidonn X6 with iPhone 6 on iOS 8.4 by using official Vidonn app from App Store. Immediately after I lunched the app it asked me to create a new account which requires a username, your e-mail address and a password.

After account was created I needed to select my Smartband model. App supports Vidonn X5, X6 and A1 models so be sure that you select the correct model. 

Immediately after model selection search screen will appear with instructions to close your bracelet to within 5 cm from phone (don’t forget to turn Bluetooth on). Although it says that smartband must be within 5 cm from phone, I successfully connected them even from 40 centimetres. 

When smartband is found pop-up will request permission to pair. 

After pair process is done app will ask you to enter your personal information like your height, age, weight and gender.

Each time you open the app and your smartband is found signal icon will become green and it will synchronize data automatically. 

First time I connected my smartband with smartphone it detected that my firmware version on smartband was outdated and offered me firmware upgrade option. Firmware upgrade was very easy. It has two steps – firmware download and firmware upgrade. It is all done very quickly (about 2 minutes) and with only two clicks.

After firmware upgrade my smartband was up to date and ready to use. 

The main screen of the app offers information about connection status and battery capacity. In upper part of the screen you can choose date and it will show number of steps, calories burned and distance walked on that day. 

Customization and tracking

As previously mentioned, app enables you to enter your personal data so it can more accurately track things like number of calories burned. Other options enables you to choose your nickname, upload avatar from your photo library and enter birth date.

You can also delete your account at any moment.

Other main customization features include:
-    Setting daily number of steps goal
-    Choosing between Metric and British units
-    Enabling notifications
-    Choosing between 12 or 24 hours format
-    Hand on which you will wear bracelet (left or right)
-    Vertical or horizontal date and time display
-    Sleeping time

As I have previously mentioned, each time you open Vidonn app on your smart phone it will synchronize data from smartband. But that is not all. For iOS users it will synchronize data with default Apple iOS Health app so users who are used to it will have all data in the app and can benefit from additional health and fitness features it offers.

Along with previously mentioned daily view of steps made, calories burn and distance walked app enables you to view that data in week or month trend graphs so you can see your trends and progress more easily.  To give you boost in achieving desired results app enables you to set your daily steps goal. I have set mine to 10.000 steps per day. When you achieve the goal during the day, bracelet will vibrate and show you that you have reached the goal. Another boost this bracelet offers is social connection which I’ll describe later in this review.

You can also set how often do you want to be reminded to move. If you don’t make enough steps in the time that you have set you will be reminded by the bracelet through vibration. I have set to be reminded 120 minutes after inactivity. Smartband doesn’t have feature which automatically detects that you are sleeping so you will need to set default start and ending time of the sleep tracking mode. This means that you will need to adjust times manually every time you are going to sleep earlier or later or data won’t be collected.

Overall, app integration is good. Sometimes you will lose connection with app on smart phone but it is not so often and irritating. Some texts in app are on Chinese so I expect it to be fixed in new app versions.


App enables you to turn on notifications on your smartband when it is in Bluetooth range of your smart phone. It supports notifications from following sources:
-    SMS
-    Facebook message
-    Twitter message
-    QQ (QQhealth)
-    WeChat
-    Skype
-    Whatsapp
-    E-mail 

When you receive new SMS, e-Mail or for example Facebook message, smartband will vibrate. Using touch key you can read whole message. If message can’t fit to one screen you can read the rest of message by laying finger on touch key and moving through message until its end.

Smartband will also show you caller number or, in the case when person who is calling you is in your phone book, the name of person on screen when you have incoming call. This can be very useful when you are in situation in which you can’t reach your phone - for example you are driving and your phone is in your pocket. Also, if you miss the call it will also show you caller ID with appropriate icon. The best things with these notifications is that you can see them simply by raising your hand – no need to press touch key.

Other than previously mentioned notification from time to time I got other notifications on my smartband like information that apps from App Store has been updated.

Another great feature with notifications is that you can set the period when you want to turn off notifications. For example, if you wear the smartband while you sleep, you can turn of notifications in period from 23PM to 07AM.


Vidonn Smartband X6 also support standard alarm notification. To set the alarm you need to use app on your smart phone. You can set up to 8 alarms. For each alarm you can set name, time and day of week if you want alarm to repeat. You can use this feature for reminding you about important tasks you need to do.

Because smartband doesn’t have any speaker, alarm won’t make any sound but bracelet will start vibrating and it won't stop until you long press touch key. This was enough for me and I woke up every day without any problem but I suggest you to use standard smart phone alarm together with smartband alarm until you make sure that this is enough for you too. 

Although absence of sound will for most users be a minus, I have found one advantage for me – I wake up before my wife every day and with this silent alarm I can sneak out without waking her up.

Going social

App enables you to share your results and achievements with your friends using social networks. Some of the supported social networks are:
-    Facebook
-    Twitter
-    Sina Weibo – Chinese microblogging site
-    Tencent Weibo – Chinese microblogging site
-    There are additional three icons which I didn’t recognized

There is also option to connect with your friends so you can share and compare results with them inside the app. If you don’t have any friend with some of supported smartbands you can try to connect with unknown users using built-in search option. Once connected you can exchange messages with your friends.

To motivate users to achieve their fitness goals and more than that app offers list of top 50 users in last week. 


Vidonn Smartband X6 has nice design and it will fit nicely to all wrists sizes. Excellent thing with it is that you can adjust screen to both – left and right handed people. It can be used as replacement for watch and as steps counter with advanced notifications from your phone. Although it is not premium product it is one of the best in its price range. If you are not sure if this kind of product is for you Vidonn Smartband X6 can be a good start – you will get lots of features for a small amount of money.

If you are interested in this product you can buy it here: Vidonn Smartband X6. Its regular price is 55.34$. At moment I wrote this review it was on 51% discount with price 26.99$.