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Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch

Affordable smart watch that resembles the technologies one in Apple's iWatch

Ulefone has recently introduced their new Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch. They are claiming that this watch has the the technology that resembles the one in Apple's iWatch. For a regular price of just $29.99 we think this is a very reasonable pricing considering all the features that it includes. With coupon code "Uwear" you can buy it on GearBest for only $22.99


The shape of this beautifully designed smart watch is rectangular. Silver and black are the two colors in which you can buy the smart watch.

Ulefone uWear Bluetooth smart watch is made up of stainless steel case which is not only thin but also hard and smooth on the same time.

The screen size is 1.44 inches and it features a capacitive touch panel which will bring easy access to all the operations which you want to perform. 

The total weight of this smart watch is kept just 45 grams so it's handy for both genders - both boys and girls can use this smart watch.


The watch comes with Bluetooth 4.0 version. As for the memowhich is compatible with most modern devices. As for the memory, both the RAM and ROM is 32 MB. The watch comes with protection against dust, water (IP65), sweat and other weather hassled. 

The Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch has a 220mAh Polymer lithium ion battery which is supposed to have around 7 days of standby time what is really amazing. And you can fully charege your watch with any micro USB cable in just 15 minutes.


Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch is compatible to any smart phone which is running Android and iOS. Using Bluetooth connectivity you can handle your phone calls, message reminder and lots more other features. So, once you have connected this smart watch with your smartphone you can receive or place a call, send and reply to messages directly using the smart watch. Also, this watch is enabled with remote button through which you can operate your camera and music systems.

Further on, the smart watch comes with a lot of health features. You will get sleep monitoring, pedometer and a sedentary reminder in this smart watch. So this means you can track your daily activities such as how many hours you are sleeping in a day, analysis of your sleep quality etc. If you are working long hours and it’s time to sleep, the smart watch will remind you to take rest in order to achieve your health goals. 

The smart watch comes with a proximity sensor. The proximity sensor will turn on if your phone is lost, that is to say if your phone and smartwatch are not in the minimum distance they are required to be in.

The Watch also has multi-language support. Some of supported languages include Portuguese, Simplified Traditional Chinese, Italian, English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, 

All the notifications of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or the apps which send push notifications, will be delivered on your Ulefone uWear smart watch. This will help you to stay connected with the latest notifications without using your mobile phone.

Final thoughts

So, considering overall design, features and impressive hardware on this smart watch it seems that the pricing is affordable and reasonable. Also, it is nice to have the option of tracking your activities with a lot of health features. You can purchase Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smart Watch by visiting Gearbest.com.