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Sound setup for your living room

Sound setup for your living room

A living room is known as a great place to set up a home theater. As it is the main room of the house, that's why it is important some immersive importance on it.

You can easily manage a sound set up in your living room with the help of best home radios for your living room. These radios are portable, durable, and loaded with unique features.  There are also some other products and designs that are needed to make your living room a home theater. 

There is no need if the large and bulky sound system to adjust in the room. These systems take a lot of wiring and space. You can easily buy a sleek and stylish sound system by giving a great look to your living room.


It is essential to find the ways by which you can hide your technology. For this purpose, you can prefer the wall ceiling or in-wall speakers. When it comes to the home theater, you have to think about it from every aspect like the floor, furniture, distance from the television, windows, walls, and room shape.

Speaker Set-up:

Just like the movie theater, the home theater also requires three dimensional sound environments. However, there is no need for many speakers a get a great sound experience.

The sound speakers referred to as 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, and 11.1. The first number indicates the number of speakers, whereas the second number is to separate the bass channel. Many sound systems also contain separate woofers that are for generating the boom in explosions.

A basic surround sound system is a 5.1 system that consists of:

-  A center channel speaker that is responsible mostly for dialog and placed in front of the TV.

-  Left and right speakers that also double as plain stereo speakers while you are listening to music.

-  Two "rear" speakers are placed according to the size and configuration of the room.

-   A separate subwoofer that gives you the rumbling bass, and it can be placed anywhere in the room.

Now there is no need to mix and match the speakers from different companies. 5.1 The speaker is the best to buy.

Big/ Small room:

To check the quality of the speaker, speak size doesn't matter. Several companies introduce excellent-sounding compact cube speakers along with subwoofers.

In a small room, set your bed or sofa against the far wall opposite the TV. It means that the closest speaker to your ears will be the rear surround sound speaker.

It is suggested to mount the rear speakers above your sitting or lying position. You can use the remote or AV receiver speaker to control the volume of the sound system.

Speaker Connectivity:

Speaker connectivity is commonly the biggest challenge. Wiring of the rear speakers must be as far as 30 feet away from the AC receiver.

You can easily lay your speakers under the rug or carpet. However, it is not considered as the safest solution.

Another elegant way is stringing the speakers with the help of thin and while cable that is generally available at hardware stores. Long and plastic tunes open at one side with adhesive back. You can easily place the speaker wire inside the tube and stick it along the baseboard.

You can also buy left and right corner pieces to move the wire up. Moreover, you can also paint the conduits with your baseboard or wall.

Speaker Placement:

Center, left, right, and rear is an excellent guide to place the speakers.

Center: The center channel speaker delivers mostly dialog to your living room. It is more than 60% of what you hear in a movie. It is placed under the TV.

Front Left/Right: 

Ideally, the left/right speakers can be placed on either side of your TV, the same distance from you and your screen.


Rear speakers are placed to the side behind you. Generally, it is the same distance from you like the front speakers. You can also put them to the right or left side of the main sitting area.