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The Electrical Factors To Consider When Building Your New Operations

The Electrical Factors To Consider When Building Your New Operations

The planning process for your new operations requires more than just constructing a building and stocking it full of personnel and equipment. You must also consider how well the electrical system will work with your business operation needs. Companies that rely heavily on technology can quickly discover that mistakes made during this portion of the building process can lead to costly needs for updates along with delays.

Learn About the Electricity Grid

Your first step is to figure out precisely what you are working with. Take some time to fully assess the electricity grid and understand more about the power sources. During this part of your planning process, it may help to bring in an instrumentation and electrical professional. They can take information about your business operations and combine it with their understanding of the current power supply to make sure that your company has what it needs to run equipment efficiently and without interrupts that disrupt the operations.

Determine Where to Place Critical Outlets

The discovery that a room in your house has poorly planned outlets is frustrating enough. Now, just imagine how bad it is to discover that there are not enough outlets in the right places for the systems to be set up. You can avoid this mistake by thinking through where the outlets need to be in an optimum layout. As you assess the layout, make sure to think about the company’s long-term plans. If there is a chance that the systems could be expanded or upgraded in upcoming years, then make sure to go ahead and put in outlets to meet those goals.

Develop a Plan for the Wiring System

There are several different types of wiring systems that can be used in a business. For instance, concealed conduit wiring is often used for aesthetic purposes along with the general benefit of having some additional protection for the conduits. The right system for your business depends upon different factors that are easier to figure out with the help of a professional. You will also need to have measurements drawn up for the wiring system that ensures that there are enough wires to bring power to the essential areas of the building.

Select the Locations for the Control Panels

The size and type of control panel that your building needs is determined by factors such as the types of systems that you run on a regular basis. Having the right control panel helps to avoid major issues with power surges and outages. However, you will also need to think about the placement of the panel. Control panels should be located in an area where they allow for easy access for maintenance and repairs. Your team should also be able to open the cabinet doors to access the circuits without generating a potential safety hazard in the workplace. Control panels that are located near heat sources may also require fans and ventilation systems to keep them cool and prevent damage. These factors could influence your decision on where you put the panels.

Assess the Overall Energy Efficiency of the Plan

Energy costs are a significant expense for most company’s budgets and paying attention to how your set up affects the usage pays off down the road. Have your electrical expert assess the final plans for energy efficiency. The best time to relocate a power source or control panel is in the early stages of planning when you haven’t invested funds into the installation.

Although you should expect for your construction team and site developers to be able to develop a basic plan for the electrical part of the building plans, you may still need to seek an opinion from an instrumentation and electrical expert. This is especially critical if your business plans include the installation of complicated automation systems that require a reliable source of power. While bringing in a pro may take a little longer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is outfitted for peak performance.