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Signs of Gambling Addiction [Infographic]

Learn about signs of gambling addiction

CasinoGuardian is the go-to spot for UK readers looking to find reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information about the UK and global gambling industry. The website covers a variety of gambling-related topics, including casino reviews, gaming guides, payment methods information, and news.

Casino Guardian recently published an infographic on a more serious subject, that of gambling addiction and its symptoms, in particular. This is a compulsive disorder that causes the affected to succumb to the uncontrollable urge to gamble regardless of the negative consequences this has on their lives.

The article tackles the subject of how gambling affects people's brains, explaining that the involvement in such activities stimulates the rewards system similarly to other artificial stimuli like alcoholic beverages and substances.

As is explained in the infographic about the first signs of gambling addiction, frequent exposure to gambling causes the brain to get accustomed to such stimuli. In effect, the individual needs to risk higher and higher amounts to achieve the same level of reward and develops an addiction.

Those who struggle with compulsive gambling are prone to exhibit certain patterns in their behaviour. They continually chase their bets, attempting to recoup previous losses, but this only causes them to incur new ones.

Many people are unaware of the scope of their addiction at first and deny or try to hide the extent of their gambling. As betting begins to take center stage, the addicts deplete their savings, lose interest in other activities, and begin to borrow money to support their cravings for bets. Some individuals would go as far as stealing or embezzling to replenish their gambling budget.

As the infographic of CasinoGuardian shows, gambling addiction can have severe repercussions if the condition goes untreated. It affects one's mental well-being, which, in turn, leads to a decline in physical health.