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SFO flyers – 10 top apps for travel

Traveling to San Francisco? Check this 10 apps.

These 10 terrific apps will help you overcome any obstacles you might face during your next trip from San Francisco (SFO) Airport. Sit back, take note and get ready to download.

1. Mobile Passport

Problem:  Queuing at customs.

Solution: The Mobile Passport app enables you to submit your passport and customs info in advance and presents you with a secure bar code. So all that you have to do is scan your phone at customs, which means you can speed through arrivals upon your return to SFO.


2. SkyGuru

Problem:Unexpected turbulence.

Solution: The SkyGuru app provides you with detailed turbulence forecasts for your flight and also explains the science behind it, so you can have a better understanding of the sounds and sensations you experience during your flight.


3. PackPoint

Problem: Deciding what to pack.

Solution: The PackPoint app creates a perosnalized packing list for you based on factors such as destination, activities planned and weather forecast. To see the app in action, check out this PackPoint demo video on YouTube.


4. Google Translate

Problem: Understanding foreign languages.

Solution:The Google Translate app allows you to quickly decipher foreign words using a fun variety of methods. For example, when you’re dining out, you can use your phone camera to translate the items on the menu.


5. SeatGuru

Problem: Choosing the right plane seat.

Solution: The SeatGuru app gives you access to thousands of airplane seat maps and customer reviews –you can choose the spot that’s best suited to your needs.


6. Polarsteps

Problem: Keeping track of the places you’ve visited.

Solution: The Polarsteps app keeps track of your travel journey and the photos you take, then displays this on beautiful world maps which can then be generated into a fabulous photo album.


7. miFlight Tracker

Problem: Flight delays.

Solution: The miFlight Tracker app does exactly what it says on the tin – allows you to track the status of your flight. It even monitors your flight progress whilst you’re on board and in the air.


8. Hopper

Problem: Booking your flight at the wrong time.

Solution: The Hopper app analyses price data for flights to accurately predict whether the price will change and advises you whether to buy or wait. So book flights using Hopper next time you travel from SFO.


9. Rome2Rio

Problem: Finding your way around. 

Solution: The Rome2Rio app checks a range of transport options (train, bus, ferry and much more) to find you the best route to any location in the world.  You can also buy tickets through the app, for certain countries.


10. Foursquare City Guide

Problem: Finding things to do.

Solution: The Foursquare app will lead you to the coolest hotspots no matter where you are in the world – the more you use it, the more perosnalized your recommendations become.


Install these apps for a terrific travel adventure, then all that’s left is to pack your bags, book SFO Airport parking on Loooking.4com and head to the airport for your much-needed vacation.


What are your favorite travels apps? Share them in the comments section.