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Our salute to the hidden heroes of app development

Our salute to the hidden heroes of app development

‘There’s an app for that’ was once one of the most overused phrases in the modern language, only pipped to the post by ‘simples’ and ‘confused.com’ in terms of sheer teeth grinding irritancy.
Yet overfamiliarity has killed off that phrase with the precision of John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre, and now the ubiquity of apps goes largely unnoticed by the populace at large. 
We’ve become inured to the fact that the admin of our lives is run from our mobile phones, and that we surrender our personal information to as many apps as we deem necessary for the convenience of governing our professional and social circles from the comfort of our settee. 
With such ubiquity comes complacency. Like a die-hard carnivore who remains stubbornly unaware of where their steak comes from, most people have no idea of the intense manual labour that app development entails.
Behind the scenes of a popular application is a team of designers, programmers, testers and middle managers – all ensuring that the product they create is released with surgical precision and care. 
So let’s salute some of the professions that put in the effort to make sure your app is good enough to cope with the complexities of your daily life. After all, they deserve it. 

Web developers
The archetypal web developer is pasty-faced, handcuffed to their desk and only able to communicate in binary. These are arguably the hardest working in app or web design communities, with companies like Attercopia or Brightec hiring developers by the boat load to keep projects afloat. 
Day by day, these tireless individuals are cementing together the fine details from their colleagues, whether that means finely tuned copy or eye-catching graphics. But this is a job with many layers, so much so that you’d need to read an entire book to fully appreciate its depth. 

Much like web developers, programmers have never had the best reputation in terms of their social acumen – and yet there could be no apps without their prodigious skillset. 
Learning to programme effectively is like being fluent in a new language – but one slip in grammar could leave your entire product feeling jankier than a new Bethesda game. 

When a bank or an ecommerce platform wants to release an app, they need to make sure it’s as secure as possible. Enter ethical hackers – people who’ll try to break an app in the name of making it more secure. 
The commitment of these hackers shouldn’t be underestimated, and their skills are so dangerous that they have to sign a contract stating that they won’t use their powers for evil, similar to the Hippocratic oath. 

That’s our list! But there are plenty of other people involved in the development of apps, and we doff our caps to them! Are you a member of the app development community? Then let us know your experiences in the comments below!