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5 travel policy tips to accelerate business travellers

5 travel policy tips to accelerate business travellers

Running a business can be one of the toughest jobs in the world. Heading up someone else’s company or your own is fraught with challenges, from staffing complications to financial structuring and more. From the CEO all the way to the new recruit, the challenges are faced but if they are approached as a team with some strict guidelines in place then it can be almost stress free. Adopting this mentality to all aspects of your trade will create great relief and setting up policies like how the company operates with necessary travel can allay these stressful times. The below tips will give you a start on those policy making brainstorm sessions;

  1. Rewards, if you make the saving on travel an incentive to your employees then the work that goes into this will increase. Take for instance your employee has a budget for their trip and if they come in under budget for the whole venture then you put a percentage of the money back into the company and the rest is for the studious employee.
  2. Itemize the lot, it can be a mind field for what is an allowable expense, not just when the tax man cometh also whilst travelling around therefore set out a strict guideline for what is allowable whilst an employee is travelling representing the company. Always allow part of those expenses for emergencies.
  3. Don’t set and forget, think of these policies like updates for the latest app. They should be constantly refined and improved to include expenses that were not thought of at first, no one can think of everything, and expenses that have arisen to improve the employee’s experience of travel.
  4. Compare and share, a policy in place as to how an employee books additional extra like a car or a more central hotel are a must. For example, if you ensure that comparison sites like enjoycarhire.com are used for rentals and hotels.com or Airbnb are chosen for accommodation then you can know you are getting the best price at that time.
  5. Show the way, we would all like to think that new employees understand a policy and are able to enforce it but there are tips and tricks to getting the best price for travel. For instance, booking meetings around the cheapest flight, what time of day you are booking online, how many times you check the same flight on that IP address, these are all factors that can increase the price. Handy tips on how to use these sites are just as valuable as how to sell the company product.

Supporting the new recruit or the long-term member is just as important as laying out the policies, it will help them understand it’s not just for the business it is also for themselves.