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5 Essential AppsFor Your Trip To London

Find our what are 5 Essential AppsFor Your Trip To London

London happens to be one of those busy cities that can be stressful, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Living or commuting in London offers one of the best experiences ever, but like most cities, it has its downsides.

If you are traveling to London on a business trip or you are visiting for a holiday, here are 5 apps that you need to have on your phone.


This is an essential app that every London visitor must have on their mobile phones or tablet. Google maps will do just fine, but Citymapper tends to offer better details about commuting in London. The app will help you get around London with any mode of transport, assisting you in locating the easiest and cheapest routes to get across the city. You will gain access to live train times. Also, Uber integration definitely helps. The app will also let you know what part of the train you need to stand to make a swift exit at your destination without any fuss.

Taxi App - Uber

You need to have a taxi app installed on your mobile phone to save you from the stress of getting from one part of town to the other. London has an insanely complex transport network, so if you are not interested in getting caught in its web, you need a taxi app e.g. Uber. Your stay in the busy city will be more comfortable since you do not need to wait for a black cab or use the tube.


London offers a great night out at restaurants and bars, but it can be expensive. The worst can happen when you wake up from an extremely fun night out only to find that you had dug too deep into your account balance. This is where Drinki comes in – a fun app that partners with London’s nightclubs and bars to offer free drinks. The app features a map of all participating clubs, making them easy to locate. The app offers you a cheaper way to enjoy your nights while in London.

Street Art London

Street art lovers will find this app very useful. This app lets you filter by artist or what's nearby and use the map to navigate to where they are. When it comes to street art, London is one of the world's most popular destinations, so you need an app that can help you locate some of the most unique art on London's streets. The best feature of this app is that it provides you with information about the artist and their art, as well as interviews and other features.

Santander Cycles

When the weather is great, cycling might be your fun way to see the city. It is also a great formof exercise. This shared bike service app is inexpensive and flexible – considering London's web of narrow streets and alleys, cycling will get you to most of these hidden gems such as PlonkGolf.co.uk.Plonk has more than 6 venues throughout the city of London – grab your bicycle and try your golfing skills.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.