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3 Knockout Business Travel Tech Hacks

Best 3 Business Travel Tech Hacks

In some ways, business is a lot like boxing.

When you’re on your way up, rare niche expertise is the knockout power that lets you punch above your weight, while a marketing gift of the gab provides the flair and flourishes that make you stand out from the competition.

And once you grab the title, you’ll need to fend off competition from contenders by never resting on your laurels and consolidating what you do best while constantly adding new angles to your armory and remaining agile enough to adapt to change.

But a particular prerequisite for pugilistic success is stamina – and a hectic business travel schedule can severely test how much you’ve got left in the tank.

If you want your corporate excursions to be hassle-free, cost-effective and productive, take a look at the following three knockout business travel hacks – they’ll ensure that every entrepreneurial move you make once you arrive has the balletic grace and bone-crushing power of Sugar Ray Robinson.

1. Terrific Travel Phone

The mobile phone is one of the handiest inventions ever for business travellers, but you might find it has reached peak practicality and performance if you purchase the iPhone 11.

Why? Because of fab features like a 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR display that turns watching motivational Muhammad Ali speeches into a mini cinema-style experience and 3 cameras front and back with a shedload of features that make recording presentations and keynote speeches easy. The 11Pro and 11Pro Max are pricier and more high-spec, but on balance this might deliver the best value for money.

2. Nifty Luggage Scales

You’ll usually be travelling light on a business trip. But there will probably be the odd time when you need to tote a larger piece of equipment or even carry a gift for a colleague or contact – in which case you need to be sure you’re not punished by overzealous airline staff for your carry-on case being a few pounds over the limit.

Grab the Camry Luggage Scale on Amazon for roughly the price of pint of airport beer and avoid excess baggage fees for being an accidental heavyweight – you won’t regret it.

3. Outstanding online parking

Although you can probably get to your departure airport via public transport, by the time you emerge from your hot and sweaty commute, you’ll probably feel like you’ve gone 12 rounds with Canelo Alvarez.

SkyParkSecure offers airport parking at London City and a host of other busy corporate air hubs, so book ahead and prep yourself for a perfectly calm pre-flight experience by arriving in the comfort of your own ride.

Follow these three knockout business travel tech hacks and you’ll arrive for your next international business meeting feeling fighting fit and ready to charm the crowd and chin the competition – you can thank us later for our coaching tips!

So ends our list – but share your own business travel tech tips in the comments section.