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YouTube and Netflix Make Up Over a Quarter of Global Internet Traffic

Video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are taking more than 25% of global Internet traffic

According to Sandvine's 1H2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report, Netflix is now accountable for 15 percent of worldwide downstream traffic by megabytes, followed by YouTube at 11.4 percent. Together, the two streaming video platforms make up over a quarter of worldwide internet traffic.

Amazon Prime Video has taken a solid piece as well, at 3.7 percent, a number that comes into clearer focus as you break it down by region. Netflix is the number-one video streaming traffic source in the Americas and number three in the Asia Pacific region, and Amazon has the number four spot in both the Americas and in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

YouTube is no slouch either. While it's just number five in the Americas, it's the leading video streaming traffic source in EMEA. A last player worth pointing out is PlayStation, which represented 2.7 percent of internet traffic in 2018 thanks to its thriving downloads ecosystem.