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Twitch Introduces Subscriber Only Streams

Twitch introduced Subscriber Streams which will only be viewable by subscribers, VIPs, and Mods

In a bid to supply streamers more methods to increase their subscriber numbers while at the same time supporting superfans, Twitch is introducing streams that just subscribers can watch.

They are called Subscriber Streams and will only be viewable by subscribers, VIPs, and Mods. Everyone else will instead be presented with a live preview of what the Subscriber Stream contains and afterwards motivated to subscribe to continue seeing. Depending on the streamer and the content, this could bring about a huge boost in new subscribers.

Subscriber Streams aren't practically private despite the fact that seeing them is restricted. These streams can still be reported for material infractions even by people seeing the online previews. They will also be starred so it's simple to find one to preview or watch if you're a subscriber. Banners can remain to create Clips which don't have any kind of restrictions on sharing either throughout or after the stream ends. Nevertheless, access fully stream after it has completed airing live will certainly continue to be restricted to subscribers.

In the meantime Subscriber Streams is releasing in beta, so anticipate to see it turn out gradually to Associate and also Partner channels.