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Instagram new feature made people angry

Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked out

Instagram has quietly begun checking a horizontal feed for some users, a big sideways shift from the vertically scrolling user experience that's been the norm considering that the app released. The business had actually previously been evaluating the function back in October in the Explore area of the app, but it seems that it's rolling it out more commonly to users' main feeds today.

The new feed generally turns all posts into a single, huge Instagram story, complete with tapping to advance and a scrolling bar on top to reveal you how far you've progressed. It's certainly a disconcerting modification for Instagram's neighborhood, which has actually grown familiar with the old feed.

With the horizontal feed, each image (and each advertisement) is offered the spotlight at any given time-- you can just view a single post, and the comments are a lot more prominent now, appearing with a flick upward.

It's likewise much more difficult to quickly fly through your feed with the new design: you can just advance a single post at a time. Another negative effects of the brand-new layout is that stories are much easier to access, with the bar now always offered by swiping down, instead of needing that you scroll all the method to the top of your feed.

The new horizontal layout appears only to affect the primary feed-- use a user's individual profile, and things will look like they always have in the typical, vertically scrolling style.

Just a couple of minutes after the horizontal feed went live, the old-fashioned vertical feed seems to have come back for most of the users that had actually been seeing the horizontally scrolling test. But even if today's upgrade was an accident, it appears that Instagram is taking the horizontal feed seriously-- and it might not be long before it presents to gadgets for great.

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