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How to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

Want to Cancel Your Apple TV+ Subscription? Here are Easy Ways How!

Apple has finally launched Apple TV+, its latest regular monthly membership service that lets you watch exclusive shows and original material made by Apple, and that implies you can't see any other popular and mainstream programs from third-party brochures.

Apple TV+ is just $4.99 a month, and those who have actually acquired an Apple gizmo after September 10 get one entire year of free access.

But given that the video streaming service is simply a couple of weeks old, it does not have much content yet, specifically when compared to other big streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix.

If you are on the totally free one month trial, you should cancel your trial membership at least 24 hours before your trial membership ends, otherwise you'll be charged for the next month, and you can use your Apple TV+ till the next billing date.

How to Cancel your Apple TV+ Subscription

If you want to cancel your Apple TELEVISION+ trial or paid subscription here are 3 easy methods to do that:

The very first way is through your iPad or your iPhone:

Open the Settings app on your Apple gadget.

Tap your Apple ID name and info.

Tap the iTunes & App Store.

Tap your Apple ID name at the extremely top.

A pop-up window will appear, tap on View Apple ID.

Go to Memberships, and tap Apple TELEVISION+ Subscription.

Once the next screen appears, tap on the Cancel Membership.

You can also cancel your subscription through your Mac:

Open the Mac App Store app.

Click your Apple ID name situated on the lower left.

Click View Info.

Enter your Apple ID qualifications.

As soon as visited, go to the Manage area and click the Manage link.

In a sheet that will appear, find Apple TELEVISION+ and click Edit.

Click Cancel Subscription, then confirm your option.

Cancel your Apple TV+ membership through Apple TV itself:

Goto the Settings app > Users & Accounts > Subscriptions > Apple TELEVISION+ > Cancel Membership.