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How close is the UK to a full scale online gambling advertising ban?

How close is the UK to a full scale online gambling advertising ban?

The UK gambling industry is strictly regulated and the UK GC watches over to keep things fair and transparent. The top priority for the regulatory body is to create a secure gaming environment, where players are treated fairly. In their quest to protect the most vulnerable people from the negative effects of online gambling, they took certain actions to limit their exposure. Online gaming advertising restrictions are in place and new measures are being proposed every year by lawmakers. These range from moderate ones, to more radical solutions and some legislators have even suggested a full scale advertising ban.

Gambling Companies limit TV Adverts

The top sites that have applied and were granted a license from the UK GC have to abide by their rules. Sometimes, the laws are not that clear and give them some leeway, but most of them don’t try to abuse the street and. In fact, many decisions are taken after the regulators and the top operators talk things through and these ultimately benefit players. The decision to stop showing TV adverts during live sports broadcasts that started after 9 PM UK time is an excellent example.

Lawmakers are concerned that by overly exposing the public to gambling ads, there is a risk of fueling gambling addiction. The political pressure on the online gaming industry is mounting and some regard the TV advertisements as a serious threat. There is no consensus regarding the impact they have on those watching the matches and their contribution to the rise of underage gambling. What most people agree is the fact that the TV ads are annoying, even when they are only displayed for a couple of seconds.

The fact that not all bookmakers and online casinos which can be found here have agreed to stop showing TV adverts during live broadcasts diminishes the impact. On one hand, it gives those who are not bound by this agreement an unfair advantage over the rest. On the other, it provides lawmakers with the impetus to double their efforts, as they aim for a carpet-ban on all forms of online gambling. The best online slot sites UK will be forced to abide by strict new regulation in 2020.

Other forms of advertising under scrutiny

The perceived risks of gambling addiction and underage gambling have motivated lawmakers to come up with increasingly radical solutions. Other forms of advertising are also considered by legislators and shirts sponsorship by gambling companies is a shining example. This would hurt the gambling industry more than other restrictions, because the footballers’ shirts offer them the best exposure. Most teams in the Premier League and the Championship have their logos displayed in this manner and they plan on keeping it that way. The industry lobby is strong, but so is the political pressure.

A full scale online gambling advertising ban is not yet at the horizon and there are few voices asking for such drastic measures. While such radical solutions are not imminent, the changes that have occurred in recent years are nonetheless worrisome.