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Facebook introduced Snooze button

Facebook's new Snooze button can mute annoying friends for 30 days

Facebook is now rolling out its Snooze function to all users after a period of testing in September. The tool lets you silence a friend, page, or group for 1 Month so you can temporarily purge their updates from your News Feed.

The controls are similar to the existing Unfollow/ Hide tool that lets you permanently eliminate a user or page's updates from your timeline completely without unfriending them. Rather of Unfollow or Hide, you'll now see the choice to snooze the account for about a month. 

However once again, Snooze actually simply postpones the unavoidable annoyance from a page, so if you are finding yourself snoozing something frequently on Facebook, simply suck it up and unfriend them (or even better, stop using Facebook).