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Facebook adds video replies to its list of commenting options

If you have something to say in the comments of a Facebook post, but words, stickers, and emoji won't do the job, you can now let it rip with video.

For those times when just a personal message will do, you can now submit videos to the comments area of any Facebook post by a person, page, group, or event. Since Friday, the brand-new function is offered worldwide on Android, iOS, and the desktop. Video comments were born out of a Facebook hackathon held in 2016.

If you're not familiar with the term, a hackathon is where business developers are offered restricted time (normally a day, weekend, or night) to develop any brand-new function they desire. We have actually seen fascinating outcomes originate from hackathons in the past, such as the mobile app Timehop, which started as a Foursquare hackathon task way back in 2011.

To use the brand-new video commenting function, click/tap the video camera icon in or beside the comment field on a Facebook post. Mobile users will have the ability to submit videos taken straight from their device's video camera.

This is in fact the 2nd time Facebook has actually permitted videos in the comments area. You can currently place a link from popular video websites like YouTube, and Facebook shows the video in-line. Now that you can publish comments using video, it will be fascinating to see how frequently people use this function. It's far much easier to simply include a sticker label, or a fast sentence or two, instead of recording a video. Though if you wish to share an amusing activity that your kids or family pets are doing in the moment, or if you wish to show people your current surroundings, it might be an attractive function.