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Edge is now more popular than Firefox

By web browsers stats for march 2020, Firefox isn't world second used browser anymore

Firefox last month continued a march toward mess up, falling twice its average loss over the past year and losing its place as the world's second-most-used web browser.

According to information posted by analytics business Net Applications, Firefox's share in March plunged to 7.2%, down four-tenths of a percentage point. It was the fifth month in the last six in which the web browser shed users - and much more significantly - a record low because Firefox climbed out of obscurity to threaten Microsoft's Web Explorer (IE) 15 years back.

This record was the 2nd in a row for Firefox, after February's debut listed below the 2016 depression that formerly marked the web browser's trough. Two do not a dataset make, however if a genuine pattern develops with, say, another month or 2 of decreases, Mozilla will be, to say the least, in deep trouble.

Notably, Firefox's fall meant it delivered second place to Microsoft's Edge. Although Mozilla's browser had actually handed second place to Chrome in March 2014 as the latter climbed ahead in the race against the still-dominant IE, Firefox resumed the silver area in December 2018 when Microsoft's web browser lost it for good.

Microsoft's browsers - IE and Edge - lost three-tenths of a portion point in March to end at 13.5%.

However as has held true recently, the Redmond, Wash. company's 2 web browsers forged different paths, with Edge rising and IE falling. IE shed half a portion point last month, plunging to 5.9%, while Edge included two-tenths of a point, reaching 7.6%, another record high for the five-year-old browser.

Chrome leaped 1.2 portion points last month - the most considering that September - to reach 68.5%, the highest mark considering that July, when the browser peaked at a tenth of a point higher.

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