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Chrome Will Stop Websites From Detecting Browser's Incognito Mode

Google has decided to stop Websites From Detecting Browser's Incognito Mode

Google is fixing a loophole in Chrome that can expose to sites whether you're searching via Incognito Mode.

The decision is bad news for the top media publishers. A lot of them use "metered paywalls" to compel inbound visitors to buy a membership. First you'll be provided four or 5 posts you can check out free of charge every month; then you'll be blocked from accessing anymore unless you pay up.

To prevent the paywalls, one technique has actually been to utilize Chrome's Incognito Mode, which can momentarily reset a web browser's web cookies. The result can trick a news website into believing you're a totally brand-new visitor, and give you access to another round of free posts to read.

However, some publishers have actually been resisting by obstructing short article sees over Chrome's Incognito Mode. Their sites can discover this by taking a look at the browser's "FileSystem" API, which will be handicapped when in Incognito Mode.

On Thursday, Google said it plans on closing the API loophole in Chrome 76, which is arranged to launch on July 30.

The tech giant acknowledged the modification will affect news publishers with metered paywalls, at time when the media market is struggling to remain financially afloat.

The media lobbying group, the News Media Alliance, is not pleased about the approaching change.