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Chrome continue getting more users

Google Chrome web browser is getting more and more users

Google's Chrome last month continued to creep up on a two-thirds supermajority of web browser share, while Microsoft's once-dominant position deteriorated.

According to analytics company Net Applications, Chrome's user share climbed up half a percentage point in August, reaching 65.2%, an all-time high. In the last 12 months, Chrome has gotten 5.9 percentage points, the only web browser of the leading 4 - others consist of Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer (IE), and Mozilla's Firefox - to add to its total during that period.

If the pattern of the last 12 months continue, Chrome will take the two-thirds prize in November. Barring any change in the web browser fight, Chrome will represent 70% of the worldwide share by June 201.

Microsoft's combined Edge and IE user share slipped two-tenths of a percentage point last month, falling to 15.2%, another record low this century.