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Browser wars - June 2018 stats

Microsoft's and Mozilla's internet browsers fell to new lows in July as users continued to switch to Google Chrome.

According to California-based analytics vendor Net Applications, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge dropped to a combined user share of 15.4% last month, down a tremendous 3.8 percentage points from June. On the other hand, Mozilla's Firefox cast off a much smaller two-tenths of a percentage point, recording a user share of 9.7%. Microsoft's July number was a record low in Computerworld's tracking of web browser data, which started in 2005. Firefox's figure was its smallest user share since February 2006, when it was fighting for the scraps left by the then-dominant IE.

Microsoft's and Mozilla's losses became Google's gains: Chrome added nearly 4 percentage points to its user share in July, ending at 64.7%. The last time a browser owned that large a chunk of the world's browser market was in late 2009, when IE accounted for two-thirds of the total.