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5GB of free space intead of 15GB on OneDrive

Existing free users have until July to shrink their storage

Microsoft has given customers of its OneDrive cloud storage space service a 90-day notice that their free allowance will be downsized from 15GB to 5GB in late July, baseding on emails as well as reports from clients.

The 67 percent decrease in free storage space will take effect July 27. On the very same day, Microsoft will also remove the 15GB free "Camera Roll" bonus it once offered to anybody who asked. The outcome: Customers who previously had 30GB of free storage space will have just 5GB.

Although Microsoft stated the decreases had actually been caused by abuse-- in November the company stated, "A small number of customers backed up numerous Computers as well as kept whole film collections as well as DVR recordings"-- the reduction of the free allowance could be a financial gain for the company.

More info concerning the changes to OneDrive can be found in a Frequently Asked Question that explains concerning how the company will handle accounts that exceed the new 5GB allocation.