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Fitbit's smartwatch will launch with an app platform

Fitbit will launch an app platform for its smartwatchs

Fitbit ceo James Park says that the company's upcoming smartwatch will have an app platform and an app gallery prepared to go when it releases, regardless of reports that Fitbit's smartwatch woes have extended to its software as well as its hardware production.

The company is going to be presenting a software development kit (SDK) together with a select number of apps from particular partners; and that quickly after, the SDK will be offered to all developers.

Fitbit is depending on software it acquired when it purchased smartwatch company Pebble last year, which had a new, Javascript-based SDK in the works at the time of the buy. Park and Thomas Sarlandie, head of software engineering at Fitbit, insist this SDK will make it simple for developers to develop apps, ones that will work with both iOS and Android devices. Fitbit is clearly taking a page from Pebble with its app approach: it plans to have a light-weight process for reviewing apps and will provide developers the ability to share customized Fitbit apps with only family and friends.

Park also made a point to say that Fitbit users will discover third-party wearable apps through an "app gallery" in Fitbit's current mobile app.

Park still hasn't said when the new smartwatch will ship, however. He also declined to name particular apps that will be offered on the watch at launch.