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iPhone 11 Will Have Square Camera Bump

Dummy models of all three iPhone 11 handsets suggest nothing much is changing apart from the new camera bump.

Apple hasn't been able to keep brand-new iPhone designs from dripping ahead of a launch for a number of generations now, with the iPhone occasions becoming merely verifications of what we currently understood. This year, it looks like Apple will be validating the iPhone 11 is more of the very same, but with the addition of an uncommon square electronic camera bump on the back of the phone.

We have actually heard reports of an electronic camera upgrade on the iPhone for a while now, with leaked case molds back in May suggesting a square electronic camera bump. Now, as 9To5Mac reports, YouTuber MKBHD managed to get his hands on dummy designs of all 3 iPhone 11 handsets and his video reveals us how bad, or good depending upon your tastes, the square camera bump looks.

Regardless of what you think of the new cam setup on the rear of the phone, if these dummy designs are the last design, then it's more of the exact same from Apple. The only obvious visual distinction is the electronic camera bump. The iPhone 11 maintains the exact same style, exact same design, same notch, same lack of USB-C, and probably the same rates.

What we should expect under the hood is a quicker processor, quicker sensors inside the notch, and the iPhone ending up being an even more impressive digital electronic camera replacement.