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Valve enables you to play Windows games on Linux

Valve Gets 2,663 Windows-Only Steam Games Running on Linux

Back in August, Valve revealed that it had been working to enhance Linux compatibility for the video games offered on Steam. Instead of depending on developers to offer support, Valve took matters into its own hands and developed Proton. 2 months on from its release in beta form and Proton is unlocking thousands of PC video games on Linux.

Proton is a customized version of the Wine compatibility layer used on Linux to run Windows applications. Valve began supporting Wine, customized it to better fit video games, and incorporated it into Steam. The adjustments included better support for DirectX 11 and 12 video games under Linux.

At release, Proton included support for 27 Windows-only video games running on Linux. 2 months on and support has grown to a quite shocking 2,663 video games all of which are now whitelisted for play on Linux.