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Nintendo Mini Switch Expected 2019

Analysts believe the smaller version of Switch will be released in 2019

With the launch of the Switch, Nintendo hedged its bets and tried to deal with several video gaming markets with one hybrid gadget. The Switch is a home console, but it's also a portable. Switching between the 2 just requires putting or removing the handheld from a dock.

Experts at Citigroup Inc. think the existing Switch hardware is just too huge to be a comfy portable video gaming platform for all individuals. In specific, they see it as being a bad fit for kids due to both its size and weight. With that in mind, Citigroup thinks Nintendo will launch a smaller variation of the Switch in 2019.

Instead of a smaller variation of the Switch outright, Citigroup recommends this Mini Switch would be a dedicated portable gadget. So compatible, but not the hybrid like the Switch. Being smaller means lighter and much easier for smaller hands to grip comfortably, just like the 3DS. In fact, it could form a real replacement for the 3DS in a few years.