Galactic Dream - Rage of War

Decide the fate of your brethren, save your specie from the imminent annihilation or die trying.
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Galactic Dream - Rage of War review by publisher Evolution Vault:

What is Galactic Dream - Rage of War software from Evolution Vault, what is it used for and how to use it?

Decide the fate of your brethren, save your specie from the imminent annihilation or die trying.

At the dawn of the 24th century humanity, once a unified Federation, has splintered into two great factions being constantly under a state of war: the Fifteen Colonies, protected by the Space Force, and the Wraths, outlaws which try in any possible way to undermine military authority over their former home worlds.

The humans knew for centuries about the 'big bang' which emerged from the galactic core, though they waited until the last moment to make their escape, because they trusted so much into their technological advances. In the center of Milky Way, few stars turned into novas and exploded. Due to the relative small distances between stellar bodies in the galactic core, a chain reaction quickly developed, dragging into the explosion dozens of other stars. And even if calculations showed that it will take ten thousand years for the death waves to reach the Terran colonies, something happen. Something unexpected and unexplained at the same time... Therefore, the preparation time considerable decreased from what seemed an eternity to only two thousand years. Now the humankind has less than one hundred years to make a run for its survival. Do you think you can lead them?The year is 2482 SGT (Standard Galactic Time).

The Milky Way galaxy is a loose spiral disc of two hundred billion stars rotating around a compact center, therefore the Terrans searched for a place to direct their fleet and survive against the menace coming from the galactic core. The death waves finally forced the Space Force to seriously consider abandoning their home worlds, under the command of Lester Xavier, present president of the Fifteen Colonies. Terrans' enormous transporters were loaded with carefully selected colonists and directed to Cygnus Arm, under the Space Force escort. They were going to travel through warp-space most of the time, even if theirFTL drives are still not perfected and short, but lots, of stops for warp-core recharge and resource gathering were inevitable.

Also aware of the galactic core explosion, the Argo, originated from the Norma Arm (see the image above), began their journey thousands of years before the humans did, continually perfecting their warp-space travel methods and mining techniques, to the point of creating mobile warp gates and manipulating a star energy. The Abyssal Shan Ad'een, ruler over the Argonians and creator of the Citadel, keeps a close watch over mankind and seems determined to stop them from reaching their destination for a reason known only by him.

They say fate controls our lives and that the future is already written. There is also said that life is a bless coming from the gods. For hundred of years, humanity over passed its astral dreams to encounter another sentient specie, over passed its eagerness to go behind the familiar grounds. And when they were finally forced to leave the Colonies and venture far into space, many challenges and dangers awaits them, as out there, in the dark, the watchful eye of the Argo, an alien specie set to destruction of all sentient life, tracks them everywhere they'll go.

The universe is huge, we all know that... Some say it is even infinite in dimensions. Forever expanding, forever restless, it contains innumerable galaxies that floats through it. Inside one of these galaxies, for hundred of years, humankind never knew about the existence of another sentient specie out there. Up until today... The first contact already happened so you will have to decide what to do next. Guide your civilization throughout the galaxy to the limits of your choice. Fight back and conquer! Can you make a difference? Can you change the already written future? Can you fight destiny? Either you decide to conquest new territories, strange realms, expand and grow, either you survive the Argo invasions, you will be surprised about the complexity Galactic Dream world offers you. Decide the fate of your brethren, save your specie from the imminent annihilation or die trying. Galactic Dream: Rage of War brings you the shaped wings of your very galactic dreams: you will command Terran star-ships and psionic armadas in real time, you will experience war at a new scale having hundreds of units under your direct command and you will definitely enjoy a captivating storyline.

Download and install Galactic Dream - Rage of War safely and without concerns.

Galactic Dream - Rage of War is a game developed by Evolution Vault and it is listed in Games category under Other Games. Galactic Dream - Rage of War is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game. You can run Galactic Dream - Rage of War on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Galactic Dream - Rage of War was last time updated on 23.08.2008 and it has 4,308 downloads on portal. Download and install Galactic Dream - Rage of War safely and without concerns.
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Galactic Dream - Rage of War awards
Galactic Dream - Rage of War awards
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