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Build your own civilization
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Year 1995
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Windows XP
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Advanced Civilization is listed in Abandonware category and made available by Avalon Hill for Windows XP. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed Advanced Civilization. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
Advanced Civilization review by publisher Avalon Hill:

What is Advanced Civilization software from Avalon Hill, what is it used for and how to use it?

Build your own civilization

Advanced Civilization was published for PC in 1996 as a faithful conversion of the boardgame. It managed to stay true to the original and capture its mood while adding playing variants and included the possibility of playing against the computer. The AI was created to be extremely advanced.

Phases: The game was rounds-based. Each round consisted of thirteen phases, which were all linked to each other. That way, each of them could affect the possibilities of actions in the coming phases. The following may serve as a guide for beginners (reading the manual is nevertheless recommended).

Taxes: Cities require taxes from the locals. After taxation, the taxes will be put into the treasury for later use.

Expansion: The increase of population is represented through tokens. The number of tokens added to a given province during this phase depends on the number of tokens already in the province.

Census: In a census, the population of the civilizations is counted. The result of the census fixes the order in which civilizations may move across the map: civilizations with a high population get to move first.

Ships: The ships of a civilization can be built and maintained by the treasury or by using tokens on the ship-building sector. The maintenance of ships is not mandatory; you can simply abort it in any given round.

Movement: The order in which the tokens and ships move is determined by the census.

Conflict: In this phase you need to resolve conflicts caused by a city being attacked or by the overpopulation of a province inhabited by several different civilizations

Cities: You build cities by placing six tokens on a province with a "city mark", or by placing twelve tokens on a province without one.

Overpopulation: If the number of tokens in a square is higher than it should be, it needs to be reduced. Also, reducing of unsupported cities will be carried out in this phase (a city needs two tokens to be supported).

Acquiring trade cards: There is one card per city, going from less valuable to more valuable goods. You may also buy gold in this phase.

Trade: Some cards will increase the value of the others, and there is also the possibility of bluffing and trading of certain calamity cards.

Calamities: Apart from the acquired goods, each of the nine piles of cards also contains calamity cards. In this phase calamities (piracy, erupting volcano, famine etc.) will take effect.

Civilization cards: In this phase you acquire civilization cards, which give different benefits to the civilization and which add credits to its advancement level. You need a certain number of cards and a certain advancement level in order to advance to a new era.

Succession markers: Advancement to new eras will take place at this phase.

The game's main objective differs from that of most strategy games: it is about advancement, not about conquest. Within the game's world, invasions would be pointless and bound to fail. You can only win by alternating between trade, advancement and the securing of homelands; and it's not at all easy to win.

Download and install Advanced Civilization safely and without concerns.

Advanced Civilization is a game developed by Avalon Hill and it is listed in Games category under Abandonware. Advanced Civilization is licensed as Advanced Civilization. You can run Advanced Civilization on Windows XP operating systems. Advanced Civilization was last time updated on 05.05.2009 and it has 4,337 downloads on portal. Download and install Advanced Civilization safely and without concerns.
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