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OK! Can u explain the rules please! The winners are from who comment the thread or not?
Or can be the winner, someone that never heard abut this thread, or is not interested about zemana product or don't need this!
So please explain, who have to be the winner!!!???

If i don't see the thread, don't comment this thread or i see it but i'm not interested, i can expect to be a winner!?


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In contest giveaways there are always rules on pages. In most cases we don't have any requirement. User just enters into contest and waits the end of the giveaway when we post list of winners. If we require some number of posts it will be mentioned on giveaway page.
Also, if we require comment for that giveaway we add that request to rules. In this case we didn't requested anything from users.
All rules will be always on giveaway page.


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So, please answer to me!

You pick a name from the members who watched the giveaway and from who not?


And.... i sow it...



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Let it go!
You never answer to my question!
You simply made the same mistake of the last time (last giveaway)!



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No, I didn't made mistake in this giveaway. There wasn't rule that user must comment giveaway. Google cache shows that I'm saying the truth.

The one time I made mistake I have posted it and I have given extra keys. And since that giveaway we had at least 30 giveaways.

I'm not sure if you know how system works. Can you tell me on example of some active giveaway are the rules clear? There are several models and for each model we post rules.


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FOR SURE I DON'T KNOW HOW THE SYSTEM FUNCTION... if u change the rules every time, or simply hide behind the fact of "NO RULES"!
You have to show us how you pick the winners, from who sow the giveaway, or from all the members of this forum! If someone that never heard of this giveaway can expect a free license of some soft that isn't interested, or don't want it!

Like i said: THIS IS NO SERIOUS!


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But rules are on page! Did you noticed part with "GIVEAWAY RULES"?

For example: Euro Truck Simulator 2 free software giveaway
We are giving 1 free license(s).
You need to register and login to enter into the Giveaway contest.
Winner(s) will be published after the giveaway ends!

PhotoBuzzer free software giveaway
We have unlimited number of licenses but hurry up and download product for free before this great offer expires!
To get your serial key please share this offer on social network or wait 300 seconds

As you can see rules are there. If we have some special rule (like that they need to comment giveaway or any forum thread we post that rule also. In most cases that request is from software vendors not because we want it) we post it on page of that specific giveaway. You must know that we try to be flexible and if some vendor has specific request that we must try to make him happy. If you have some suggestion I'm open for it but please be positive and explain what would you like to see in explanation.

Regarding other part of your question we pick randomly winners and I think that we proved to all community to be legit. There was many users who confirmed that they got key. You can open thread and ask others users their experience. Here is picture where you can see that for last two giveaways I have contacted winners (this window is only users who still didn't answered to my message):


here is also a picture from my steam account where you can see that we have games which are currently under a giveaway:

Do you want some picture of email conversations with software vendors?


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Do you know, what I have noticed?
- All programs are the best if the "giveaway" is going on, it is always so;
- All the people are infinitely good, if to them deemed a funeral speech.
(Sorry if the topic is not appropriate and does not like to anyone.)
YOU ARE SO TRUE!!!:bravo: