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tarık ziya

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All Zemana products perfect I can use beta for a long time if the exe suspicious zemana quarantine this exe I wonder
business version safeonline thanks zemana ;)


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Zemana AntiMalware is the Best software !!!
Do you know, what I have noticed?
- All programs are the best if the "giveaway" is going on, it is always so;
- All the people are infinitely good, if to them deemed a funeral speech.
(Sorry if the topic is not appropriate and does not like to anyone.)
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Sorry Dzi! But seems that u felt in the same mistake of the last giveaway contest that i comment!
(what a cheat!!) Remember?

A part 2 names i didn't see "THE OTHER WINNERS" in this giveaway comments!

So i understand the first confusion! But 2 x 2 giveaways!

What a coincidence!!!
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