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So you’ve done a great job collecting email addresses for all of your customers, but what have you actually done with them? A weekly, no bells-and-whistles email message isn’t really going to engage your audience and make them pay attention. To really grab eyeballs, you need a newsletter! And the best way to make one is with today’s discount software promotion, zebNet NewsTurbo Basic!
zebNet NewsTurbo Basic lets you create professional newsletters to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. With zebNet NewsTurbo Basic, you’ll be able to establish up to 5 mailing lists, each with up to 500 subscribers, and have all of your work stored on your local hard drive. Best of all, zebNet NewsTurbo Basic lets you automatically manage subscriptions and process bounce-backs, so you know that all of your email addresses are valid.
While other newsletter programs make you manually enter email addresses, zebNet NewsTurbo Basic features a handy and quick way to import subscriber information, or export it for use with other programs! All of this functionality is yours today, wrapped in an application that features no monthly recurring fees!

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