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ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a universal computer application for easily capturing video from a monitor and creating quick screenshots.
The technologies used by the ZD Soft Screen Recorder allow you to achieve high quality multimedia files with small sizes. This makes this program one of the best in its class.
ZD Soft Screen Recorder will be useful if you need to create a video lesson, record an online broadcast, game or video chat. It is also possible audio-video fixation from a webcam, microphone, headphones and a third-party source.
At the same time, video can be recorded both from the entire area of the monitor, and from any fragment of it. Another feature of the program is the ability to gradually or quickly shift the recorded area of the screen after the mouse pointer.
The utility interface is designed so that even an inexperienced user can intuitively deal with the options. Some lengthy training in working with the program is not required. At the top of the main window are tabs for quick access to operations. The inscriptions on them are duplicated by informative pictograms.
Key features of the ZD Soft Screen Recorder application:
• video recording in FLV, AVI, MP4 formats;
• sound recording in WAV, MP3 standards;
• creating screenshots: BMP, PNG, JPG;
• converting presentations made in Power Point into video formats;
• compatibility with Direct3D, OpenGL, DirectShow, DirectDraw;
• simultaneous recording from multiple screens;
• automatic capture of screenshots with predetermined time intervals;
• special effects to focus on the cursor or status indicator;
• overlay on the picture of "watermarks" (for example, to protect copyright);
• combination of the image from the screen and the image from the camera;
• video broadcasting on a local network (while the presence of the Internet is optional);
• recording at a predetermined time or schedule;
• lock / unlock sound at any time;
The size of the recorded file can be limited both in temporary terms and in the amount of occupied memory. The application itself occupies an insignificant part of system resources, especially when compared with utilities close in functionality. Due to this feature, ZD Soft Screen Recorder can be recommended for weak computers.
Using predefined hot keys, you can provide quick access to the most popular functions.
There is an option to completely reset the settings in one click.


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