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YoWindow is a weather gadget for the Windows desktop that can provide you with up-to-date information on weather conditions anywhere in the world at any time. After installation, just select the country and city in which you would like to know the weather, then within a few seconds the information will be updated, after which you will see the weather. Among the information there will be data on the air temperature, it is noteworthy that the actual temperature is displayed, and the temperature by feeling. There is also information about wind, pressure, humidity, sunrise and sunset times. In addition, data is available on the amount of expected precipitation, and of course on the phases of the moon. In addition, you can customize the number of days for which you would like to see the weather.
The program has interchangeable landscapes, that is, if it's daytime outside, the picture in the program will be bright, but if it's raining outside, then the picture in the program will become rainy, and so on, I think I explained it clearly. There is also a nice calendar in the application, well, why do I need it, I don't need to tell you.
In the YoWindow settings, you can turn on the program to autorun, select information panels to display (interactive timeline, forecast panel, inspector, activate weather animation). If we are interested not only in the air temperature, then the screen should display information about the temperature range (what it is and what it feels like), the picture of the sky, wind, pressure, humidity, rainfall, visibility, sunrise and sunset times, day length and phase of the moon. The number of days for displaying forecasts, landscape (by default it is “Village”), units of measurement (Fahrenheit, Celsius, miles, meters, knots, etc.) are also configured. As soon as we leave the computer and a few minutes have passed, the screensaver will automatically turn on and snow will fall on the screen again. And even if it's the end of March, YoWindow will please us with its magic picture.
Key Features:
• Full control of the weather.
• Weather forecast at exactly the time you need.
• Current temperature next to the system clock.
• Personal support of the weather station.
• Covering real clouds, rain / snow, fog, grass swaying in the wind, sun, moon, fog, thunderstorms ...
• Scrolling time - see the weather at any time
• Fully functional weather station
• Convert any picture into a landscape or find in our collection
• Temperature near Windows clock
• Be prepared for surprises.

• Live picture reflecting the weather - clouds, rain / snow, wind swaying the grass, fog, thunderstorms.
• Astronomically accurate calculations - Sun, Moon, daylight


• Travel in time! Now you can select any moment in time and look at the weather forecast.

• The seasons change with nature.

• Animated landscapes - Village, Coast, Airport, Vostochny plus 1400+ landscapes made from photos.

• Modern weather station - comprehensive weather data.


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Windows 10 Yandex.Browser
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