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YouTube Music is a new music streaming service aimed at people who primarily consume music through YouTube. In the application, you can follow the work of your favorite musicians, listen to the latest hits, watch popular videos and discover new music.
The YouTube Music interface is made mostly in dark colors and is divided into three main tabs - “Home”, “Hotlist” and “Library”. The service is not cluttered with various menus and has an intuitive homepage with a convenient design, which makes it easy to use. In my opinion, the design of Apple Music in comparison with YouTube Music even seems to be somehow cluttered.
On the main, personal recommendations and mixes are generated based on your musical tastes. Choose interesting artists YouTube Music will ask immediately upon first launch. The system takes into account the mood, actions on the device, the history of listened tracks, the time of day and the current location of the user. If you sign in to your Google Account, recommendations will also include music videos viewed on YouTube.
HotList shows current new and popular videos. Playing music in this section can be carried out with or without the video sequence (then the player can see the album or single artwork). For shutting down the video sequence, the special mode "Audio only" is responsible.
The library displays all custom content: added playlists and albums, favorite songs and artists' channels. With the activated YouTube Music Premium subscription, recently listened and saved tracks and albums are added to the list of basic functionality.
One of the main features of YouTube Music is smart search with artificial intelligence. The function greatly simplifies the usual process of searching for unknown songs, finding them not only by the exact name, but also by part of the text or a brief description. If you have heard a cool track somewhere, remembering only a couple of words - with high probability YouTube Music will find a suitable result. It turns out a unique “text Shazam”, which is not in Spotify, nor in Apple Music.
The web version of YouTube Music for work in the browser functionally fully copies the application for smartphones - a dark interface, three tabs and search. Naturally, in this case, the interface is optimized for large screens. Like YouTube, the web version of the music service supports the “picture-in-picture” mode with the possibility of background music playback in the mini-window, a floating player is also present here.

In addition to the browser, YouTube Music can run on Chromecast and Smart TVs.

Pluses YouTube Music:
Ease of use.
Convenient home page.
The system of personal recommendations.
Remixes, covers, live recordings.
YouTube videos.
Smart search for songs.
YouTube Music 3.15.52
Android 4.4 and higher

YouTube Premium
Why go to YouTube Music and how it differs from YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium is a new service, replacing YouTube Red subscription. As the name implies, with it you get access to premium features of YouTube, including the new YouTube Music Premium app and exclusive movies and TV shows featuring stars from the YouTube Originals collection.

The main features of YouTube Premium include watching videos and listening to music without advertising, in the background, offline and downloading content. Subscription is valid on the website, mobile devices (Android, iOS), Chromecast, smart TVs, game consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U) and is distributed to the entire line of video hosting applications: YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube for Kids and YouTube Gaming.

For new YouTube Premium users, a subscription is offered with a free trial period of 3 months. A family subscription can consist of up to six users over the age of 13, provided that they all live together and are registered with Google. To activate it, you need to create a family group and send invitations to family members.

Premium YouTube Premiums:
Comprehensive subscription to all YouTube services.
Lack of advertising.
Ability to download content.
Access YouTube Originals.
Family subscription is ideal for families consisting of online show fans, music lovers, children and gamers.

The free version of YouTube Music contains ads and has a limited basic functionality - only access to the music catalog with official tracks, albums, remixes and so on. YouTube Premium Music subscription allows you to listen to music without ads and in the background. Additionally, you get the opportunity to save songs and videos in the device's memory for listening and viewing without connecting to the Internet.

In reality, YouTube Music and Google Play Music are significantly different from each other, so you need to know all the details if you are going to switch to a new service. First of all, only songs from record labels are presented on Google Play Music. In YouTube Music, the extensive collection of YouTube music, remixes, covers, live performances and, of course, the music videos of the performers are combined.

The advantage of YouTube Music over Google Play Music is obvious. In addition, if you are the current user of a paid subscription to Google Play Music, then access to YouTube Music will be free. It works in the opposite direction, that is, if you have a YouTube Music Premium subscription, you can simultaneously listen to your favorite music on Google Play Music.

In the future, Google will transfer all Google Play Music users to YouTube Music while preserving your music library, playlists, and music preferences. The information was confirmed by Google Product Manager Elias Roman (Elias Roman). Ultimately, Google Play Music will most likely close. This is logical, given the same cost of subscription and the functions of the new service.