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Wise Registry Cleaner is a Windows registry cleaning utility. The program scans the registry and looks for incorrect and outdated information in it, after deleting which the operating system works more quickly. After the program analyzes the problems of your system, you can review each problem found and see its detailed description. It is possible to automatically correct such problems. All changes made by the program in the registry can be undone by two mouse clicks. Unlike many other similar applications, this program divides the registry errors found into safe ones that can be removed without fear that it will harm the system and such errors that may lead to unstable operation of the operating system. Deleted information is stored in the .reg file. There is an automatic mode of operation, in which the utility will start up independently, fix registry errors and exit.
Wise Registry Cleaner:
• The safest registry cleaning tool available on the market today.
• Fast, thorough and safe work.
• Scan the Windows registry and find incorrect and outdated information.
• The output of each problem in a separate line along with their description.
• Automatic registry cleaning mode.
• Rollback of committed actions in the system with a few mouse clicks.
• Create a backup of the registry and restore it.
• Increase your system performance.