Giveaway Wise Registry Cleaner Pro

Petr Cris

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Wise Registry Cleaner Pro
Site of Promotion: Giveaway : Wise Registry Cleaner Pro | I Have A PC
Giveaway details : There is no sign-up or participation needed. Simply download the Pro version from here. This giveaway version has all the features but will not support future upgrades.
About Wise Registry Cleaner :
It is a PC optimization tool that can :

  • Support multi user cleaning
  • Schedule registry cleanup
  • Fine tune PC settings
  • Backup and restore registry
After installing, a backup is suggested on the first run.


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Windows 10 Chrome 67.0.3396.99
Everything is beautiful, but it is old version (, but current is
And if somebody goes to update, will lost the activation because it is already pre-activated, there isn't any key to activate the next release...
PS, You can use it without any risk, even if You select all found keys and delete them. It makes always backups automatically.