WinExt Pro v.4.0 (lifetime license without upgrades)


Can't get enough of

  • Finds Duplicate Files. Quickly finds the duplicate files on your drives relied on file contents. Compares file contents, 100% accurate result. High-speed comparison algorithm. Only need 1 click to get result. Reusable result: save / load the duplicate files listing. Sorts result by size in descending, colored groups.
  • Finds Larger Resources. Lets you quickly see all drives/directories/files size in 1 tree view, in order to let you to do the manual disk cleaning work easily. Operate resources in batch mode. Sort resources by size in descending order. Intelligent unit and decimal of size.
  • Shows More Properties of Recent Used Resources. You can see and open more recent used resources (files and directories). And see more properties of the recent resources, such as path, size, type, date modified and date created.
  • Tracks Windows Activity. Traces and records the operations for Windows automatically, such as 'Deleted', 'Renamed', 'Created' and 'Modified' actions of files and folders.
  • Performs Batch Operation. Select some resources (files / folders) first, and then you can make the following actions on them at once: move to Recycle Bin, permanently delete, copy / move to other location, rename, output information and change properties.
  • Synchronizes Resources. Automatically or manually synchronizes your resources to other place, you can set the sync mode as "Once changed", "Fixed frequency (mins)" and specific times.
  • Requirements: Windows 10 - XP; .NET 2.0 or later;
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