Windows XP is great operating system for games


Jo Nokia

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ًWindows XP , The Best Operating System At All ...
Yes, certainly, but we must not reject progress. For years, I used XP and now I do not regret installing Windows 8. It should be moving with the times and somewhere Windows 8 does not crash and is very fast short, XP was fine but I prefer Windows 8!

DHRSG Archive

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ًWindows XP , The Best Operating System At All ...
I do not know what it is making this OS "best" for you, but it is not that. It is true that it is becoming better, with improved functionality and productivity, by installing 3rd party software.


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XP was the best, it was simple and worked smoothly. But now they have complicated the things. If MS had not bought a new OS and claimed it to be better than the previous one they would have been out of business.


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i love xp i bought a windows 10 64 bit computer in December its still in its box untill my xp blows up @@


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Agreed, XP is the best OS and the most fast one.
I tried XP (Hiren's Boot) recently and it was incredbly fast, thing that Windows 10 isn't.