Windows XP is going to die ;)



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As I know, if you will install Windows XP, all updates will be downloadable for you, manually or from Microsoft update. You can use it as long as you wish, but support is finished and no more new updates.

P.S. I think XP is not dead, it`s just like old thing, wich you use long time and then put it in box, because you grown up and became elder...

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I think that Windows XP is a cra.. piece of software, like any OS build by Microsoft, but it was one of the most liked and used operating system; now, I think Windows 7 is. Because we have some old hardware that do work faster with Windows XP than Windows 7, this OS will "survive" for as long as that old hardware is still functional, and their owners want/have to use it, in lack of a hardware more newer.