Windows 10 ISO: How to Install Preview


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Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system and the successor to Windows 8.1. Microsoft Windows 10 returns with many controversial decisions design of its predecessor, the back - and brings so among other things, the start menu back. In addition, depending on the input method appears a different interface: Use Windows 10 on a tablet, the start menu appears enlarged. Connect mouse and keyboard, the system behaves like a classic desktop computer.

Windows 10 Download - what's inside?

The Windows 10 Technical Preview now brings up only a part of the planned Windows 10 features. You can test for example, the Photos app: She's already a "Universal App" and thus runs on tablets and smartphones with Windows 10. The same is true for the new Xbox and maps app. The system controller is replaced by a version of the app. In addition to the existing Windows Store, you can enter in the January Preview a preview version of the new store. The returning with Windows 10 Start menu can be set via a small button in the full screen mode.

Notification center and new icons

Click on the speech bubble icon in the notification area, an early version of the new Action Bar appears. Alternatively, you wipe on a touch device from the right in the screen to display the Action Center. Finally, the Explorer has received a small update: In the folder settings, see the "General" tab, a new drop-down menu. In addition, you can specify whether the Explorer to open the view "This PC" or quick access to programs. In addition, most aero icons have been replaced with more modern icons.

Cortana: language assistant for the desktop

In the German version of Windows 10 Technical Preview the language assistant Cortana is not included. Who wants to try Cortana is therefore not relevant to the English version of the preview and then have to speak in English with the assistant also. From the new Spartan browser or Continuum missing in each version each track.These and other features will be upgraded until the next previews. In addition to not run very stable and bring a number of bugs and display errors the January preview. In addition, the battery life falls in part significantly lower than in the Technical Preview.

Windows 10 ISO: So installieren Sie die Preview - CHIP